Wide Awake: A Harry Styles Love Story

Sarah has always been the misfit type. Yet nobody knows that her parents died when she was little. She just turned 18. She meets One Direction, has a thrill of a lifetime, and in the end, a massive twist. Some Rated R parts so read at own risk


26. I Would Love To

It has been a week since we moved in and I am finally starting to feel at home. It got sort of lonely with just Talia and I in our own flat, so it is nice to have a big family with you 24/7. I am slowly but surely starting to trust Harry again. He is showing me how much he cares for Talia and I, how we are his top priority, and we have all been spending a lot of time together. I got up, like usual, and untwisted my body from Harry's embrace. He was still sleeping, so I tip-toed into the bathroom, careful not to wake him. While in the shower, I spent a little more time than usual singing "Wings" into the shower head. I continued my singing as I got out of the shower, and I was so in the mood that once I had my undergarments on, I dropped my towel and started dancing around the room. I was still singing as I began picking out my clothes for the day, and was pulled out of my trance when I heard a masculine chuckle. I dropped the clothes that I was holding a turned around to find Harry sitting up in bed, with his infamous smirk plastered on his face. I totally forgot that he was there, just like I totally forgot that I was standing in front of him in only my bra and panties. "Um…" I tried thinking of anything to say to get rid of the quiet atmosphere that consisted of me, standing there like a fool while Harry's eyes flicked up and down my body. "That was quite a show, Sarah", Harry said as his sneer grew even bigger. "I know you liked it, Styles.", I said as I grabbed my clothes from the floor and headed to the bathroom. Right before I closed the door, I heard Harry mumble to himself. "I didn't like it; I loved it." Talia, Louis, Harry, and I were sitting at the table eating breakfast over normal conversation. "I am going to take Talia shopping today.", Harry told me while exchanging some weird glances with Louis. "Fun. Do you mind if I come? I have got nothing better to do." As I said this, the glances to Louis got even more intense. "Actually-", Louis stated, making sure he got my full attention. "-I was hoping we could have some Louis-Sarah time today." I began to get confused- I lived with this boy and we always spent time together, but I ended up just nodding.I began to get confused- I lived with this boy and we always spent time together, but I ended up just nodding. Once Harry and Talia left, I sat on the couch with Louis. "So Boobear… what are we doing today?" Louis thought for a moment. "Erm… I was thinking we could just hang out and watch a movie…" I gave him a weird look. "So you stopped me from going shopping with Talia and Harry so we could watch a movie?" Louis nodded his head and I shrugged and gave in. Boy, this kid was one lunatic. Louis and I spent the day watching the Titanic, the Notebook, and The Last Song, which all brought us both to tears. To lighten the mood, we decided to bake cookies, which turned into us sitting on the kitchen floor eating raw cookie dough. It was already 7:00 and I was starting to wonder what was taking Harry and Talia so long. A few minutes later, I heard the door open and my precious baby run into our flat. I met her by the door and welcomed her with a big hug. "How was your day shopping with Daddy?" "Momma! Daddy buy a-" She began but were interrupted by both Harry and Louis. "Shhhh!" I glanced at them, but shrugged it off. Some people are just crazier than others I guess… I checked my watch and saw it was past Talia's bedtime. "Talia, sweetie, who do you want to put you to bed." "Momma and Daddy!", She squealed while running to her room, leaving Harry and I to follow after. I changed Talia into her pajamas and we put her into bed. We kissed her goodnight, and right when we closed the door, she called us to come back in. "Yes sweetie?", Harry said as he knelt beside her bed. "Can Momma and you pwease give me a night-night story?" Harry looked over at me, and I nodded, and made my way to next to him. Harry took a breath, thinking about what he was going to say. "Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy, and they were very good friends." Harry glanced at me, giving me the cue to continue. "The girl and the boy fell in love, and everything was perfect." I signaled Harry that it was his turn. "But then the boy made a mistake, and the girl became sad." Talia was listening to Harry and I's every word, taking it all in. "After a long time, the girl finally forgave the boy because he made it up to her." I paused, waiting for Harry to start again, but he never did. "What happened next?", Talia asked, extremely interested in our tale. Harry shrugged. "It's still being written." We sat there for a moment, letting it sink in. Harry and I got up and kissed Talia one more time, and told her how much we love her. "Momma?", Talia said as I was about to walk out of her room for the second time. I turned around to look at her. "Yeah?" "Do you and Daddy love eath-otha?", My child said with her adorable lisp. I smiled at her. "Yes, baby, we do." And with that, Harry and I walked out of the door. Once we were in the hallway, Harry turned to me. "Want to go have dinner?" I gave him a puzzled glance. "This late?" Harry nodded. "Sure, why not." "There is something for you to wear, it is hanging in your closet.", Harry said as he left me to go change. I bolted to our room, curious to see what Harry was talking about. There, hanging in my closet just like he said, was the most beautiful gown I had ever seen. It was long, champagne colored, strapless, and formfitting. So simple, yet so elegant. I put it on, and it fit like a glove. Because the dress was so nice, I decided to dress up everything else, too. I curled my hair, put on some nude stilettos, and finished the look with light pink lipstick. I guess Harry changed in Louis' room, because when I walked into the middle of our flat, there he was, wearing a nice suit that made him look scrumptious. Harry held out his arm, and I linked it with mine. "So, what's the occasion?" He grinned, but he looked like he had something else on his mind. "You'll see. You look amazing by the way." We walked out of our flat, and into the driveway where a limo was waiting for us. I was thinking what today could be, what would be so special that we needed to dress up and ride in a limo? The short limo ride was over, and Harry escorted me into a restaurant. He gave the hostess his name, and she nodded, ushering us outside to a single table, which was set with two candles, and you guessed it, spaghetti and meatballs. We sat down, and the hostess left us to be alone. We had some regular conversation about Talia, One Direction, and what not, when I finally had the guts to ask Harry something that has been bothering me for quite a while now. "Harry, what are we? Like what would you consider me?" He looked up at me, and I couldn't pinpoint the emotion on his face. "Well, I don't want you to be my girlfriend." I looked down at my plate, a stream of embarrassment and sadness overcame my body. "I want you to be my wife." I looked up at Harry as he got out of his chair and pulled out a small, velvet box. He opened the box to reveal a huge, sparkly diamond ring. Harry went down on one knee and took my hand. So that's what he was buying with Talia today... "Sarah, will you marry me?" I sat there, completely dumbfounded. I finally got the strength to nod my head. "I would love to!"
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