Wide Awake: A Harry Styles Love Story

Sarah has always been the misfit type. Yet nobody knows that her parents died when she was little. She just turned 18. She meets One Direction, has a thrill of a lifetime, and in the end, a massive twist. Some Rated R parts so read at own risk


16. Don't Do It

I was cleaning up a little around the house, before I went to Starbucks. It was 10:00 am, Harry was still asleep. I quickly ran upstairs to give him a kiss. I walked into the room and looked at him. He was so cute when he was asleep. I gave him a kiss then walked downstairs. I put a note on the counter telling harry where I was and out the door. When I arrived at Starbucks, I saw a familiar person. Tristan. When he saw me he smiled and waved me over. "Sarah! Long time no see!" he said and pulled me into a hug. "Hi! How's it going?" I said. "It's going great!" we talked for a little bit and I got my coffee. I felt masculine hands wrap around my waist. As a natural reflex, I pushed him off and slapped him. I then realized it was Harry. "I'm sorry baby. I thought you were a creep or something." I rubbed his cheek where I had slapped him. "It's alright. Can we go home. I want to talk to you." he said while grabbing my hands and swinging them back and forth. "Um sure!" I said, unaware of what he wanted to talk about. We walked home, hand in hand. When we arrived he took me inside. "So what's up babe?" I asked him. "You might want to sit down." I sat down on the couch. "You know that I love you right?" he said. I nodded my head. "Well. I don't know how to put this. I'm just not. Um. I found someone new." he said. "W-What?" I choked out. "Her name is Jaylinn. She's beautiful. And she gives me all of her attention… unlike you." "Because you are Harry fucking Styles for god sake!" I screamed at him, trying to hold in my tears. "Calm down Sarah. It's for the best." "Calm down! Calm down! You want ME to calm down! Get out! Get out right now!" "Actually you get out. This is my house. I pay for it. Get your things and go." "Fine!" I ran upstairs and packed as much of my stuff as I could in a few minutes. I ran downstairs, only to see Harry throwing away pictures of us. I slammed the door and saw a little Porsche pull up in the driveway. A bimbo blonde chick walk out from the car. Her face was caked in makeup and her clothes were skin tight. You could tell she was wearing no bra. She was carrying a overnight sized bag with her. I was guessing that she was Jaylinn. She gave me a dirty look and I started to leave the property. As I was walking I saw a familiar car pull up beside me. It was Liam. "Oh Liam!" I said as I collapsed in his arms. He squeezed me tightly them held me out an arms length away. "Whats wrong?" "H-h-Harry has a girlfriend." "Um yeah. It's you remember!" "No. It's this Jaylinn chick." he nodded his head. "I'm so sorry Sarah. I truly am. Do you have anywhere to stay?" "No. I'll get an apartment or something." "No. You can stay with me!" "Alright. Thanks Liam. One girl is gonna be very lucky some day." I said to him. He looked me in the eyes and then led me to his car. The drive to his place was pretty quiet. When we got there, he showed me what room I could stay in. "Well I'm gonna go out with the lads. You wanna come?" he said. "I'm alright. Thanks Liam. For everything." "No problem Sarah. My pleasure" and with that, he left. I paced around my room a bit, thinking about everything. My phone buzzed interrupting my deep thoughts. "Sarah! Where are you! I went to your house and Harry said you weren't there." it was Lauren. "I'm fine Lauren. I'm at Liam's house." "Okay. What's wrong though. You sound sad." "Uhh. Umm. Uh. Harry broke up with me." "Oh my. I'm so sorry. He's a dick Sarah. Do you want me to come over?" "No. I think I'll be okay." "Ok hun. Ttyl. If you need anything. You know where I am."
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