Wide Awake: A Harry Styles Love Story

Sarah has always been the misfit type. Yet nobody knows that her parents died when she was little. She just turned 18. She meets One Direction, has a thrill of a lifetime, and in the end, a massive twist. Some Rated R parts so read at own risk


1. Clubbing

It was amazing. I never wanted this to end. Who would expect a girls' first kiss would be this great? He started to move his hands down to my bum and I jumped. "Oh did I startle you?" he said. "No it's just that, that was my first kiss and I've never went any farther than hugging with a boy. "Does that mean your a virgin" he asked. "I don't know. Is hugging farther than having sex?" I said sarcasticly. "You are sassy!" he smirked at me. "How are you being so… I don't know… nice to me? C'mon. Your Harry Styles for crying out loud." I said. It was just so confusing. "Well. Your different than every other girl. It's something about you. And I need it." he said. "Are you trying to say I have that 'One Thing'? Cause that's pretty cheesy, but still flattering!" he laughed at me. "See! You are doing it right now! You've got me in a trance. I just want you to be mine." he put his hand on my arm. "No you don't…" I said, pulling my arm away and hiding it behind my back. I really did not want him to see my wrist. "Yes I do!" he put his hand under my chin and lifted it up slightly. I pulled away. "You could get any other girl in the world and you choose me? You could do better than that." I said. It was so hard for me to see someone that ever loved me when I couldn't love myself. I hated myself. I feel sad about my parents but it's MY fault I cut myself. It's MY fault that I have never gone anywhere further with a boy. But now is MY chance to make me a better person. I'm gonna stop cutting because I'm not gonna be sad anymore. I will chance my luck because that's all I have. I turned around to face Harry and he was on his phone. He was cute I have to admit. And a good kisser, hehe. He put his phone down and looked at me. I smiled as he put his arms around my waist. "I want you" he whispered in my ear. I rested my head on his shoulder. He started to sway side to side and I followed along. He moved his hands to my bum again and I didn't mind. "Do you want to go somewhere? Anywhere? I'm wide awake and I NEEEEEEED to do something!" he started bouncing around. I grabbed him on the shoulders. "Answer me. Are you high?" I asked. We both started laughing. "Have you ever been clubbing?" he asked. "Nope. I haven't really came out of my shell for the past few years. Besides taking walks, eating, and I bought a kitty" I said. "Well. I'm taking you clubbing." "What do I wear?" "Something Sexy" "Something sexy? I haven't been going anywhere I seeing anyone where I had to dress sexy." "c'mon. I'll drive to your house-" I interrupted him. "Can I drive" he looked at me. "Uh sure." I drove to my house and we went inside my room. I turned around because I heard Harry chuckling. He was going through my underwear drawer. "Really Harry. Really" he pulled up a red lacy pair. "now these are sexy!" I rolled my eyes. "I am going clubbing. Not pole dancing." he laughed. "Come look in my closet. Where my clothes are" he walked into my closet. He looked at my prom dress and I shook my head no. We went through tons of clothes until finally Harry said, "I'm picking then." i went to my bathroom and locked the door. I washed my cuts, and threw away the blade. I put makeup on my wrist so I didn't have to wear bracelets. I curled my hair and put on some eyeliner and mascara. Harry knocked on the door and I opened it. He picked out a really short strapless black dress and black heels. Hm. Pretty good taste. Just not my average everyday attire. I put everything on and walked out. "dang. You look hot" I think he had a boner. "Control yourself. There are probably gonna be other girls that you think that are hot when we get there, Mr. Flirt." I walked out to the living room to get some lip gloss and Harry was on his phone talking to somebody. He hung up and we got in the car. We were there in less than 5 minutes. We got out and he said to me, "go wild. Drink as much as you want ok?" he got is in. I looked around and it looked awesome! "yep!" we both went in different directions. I saw that he was talking to a pretty girl. I wasn't jealous. We weren't even dating yet. I decided to do some shots. I always wanted to try apple pucker so I took some shots of that. I glanced over at Harry and he was having a good time. He was dancing with two chicks. They were dressed slutty. The brunette was gringind with Harry and the blonde one was doing something behind him. Crap. I'm jealous. Time to get even. I went to the bathroom to fix my makeup and when I walked out I saw a hot guy. I looked over at Harry. He was still with those two chicks but he was French kissing them very sloppily at this point. I walked over to the guy and we started talking for a while. We took a few shots and I had some vodka. Before I knew it, I was drunk, and dirty dancing with some random guy. As it kept getting later and later, more people started leaving. Harry's whores had left. But the guy was still here. He was trying to talk me into going to his place. He started becoming aggressive to the point where security had to take him out. I went to the bathroom because I was feeling really sick. I started to vomit but only a little. I washed my mouth out with water, and then left the bathroom. There were only a few people there so I started to mix in with the crowd. Suddenly, someone slapped my bum. I turned around and it was Harry. He kept putting his hands on my waist, my bum, then my boobs. "Harry. Your drunk. C'mon let's go home." "No! My girls left and all I have is you. I would prefer them but I'm stuck with you." "No your not. You have a car. And two lovely girlfriends. Your not stuck with me. Live your life! Be free!" I said throwing his car keys on the ground. I left the club and started walking home. I didn't even see Harry drink. But he had to be drunk. When I got home, I stripped into my bra and undies and went to bed.
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