He Could be the One

Caitlyn has been bestfriends with Louis Tomlinson since they were kids. But when her parents split and moves to Doncaster will she start to feel feeligs towards him ?! or instead fall for one of the lads ?!


8. Why Me?

Caitlyn's POV:

Harry: Caitlyn?

Caitlyn: Harry what are you doing here?

*hugs him*

Louis: Woah you 2 know each other? How ? What?

I looked over to Louis and i could clearly see he was a little jealous but i honestly don't know why he would be jealous of anything, I mean Harry and I are just friends .... It's not like we are dating or anything

Caitlyn: I met Harry on the plane.

Harry: Yeah Lou don't worry

Lou: Me worried ... pssshh no dont worry I am glad you guys know each other ..

*awkward silence*

Liam: Well Hi Caitlyn ! I am Liam and this is Niall and Zayn

Cailyn: Hey ! It is nice to meet you guys

Niall: So you are the famous Caitlym huh? not bad!

Caitlyn: Excuse me?? 

Zayn: Don't worry it is nothing bad , It's just that Lou talks about you so we were excited to meet you.

Caitlyn: Oh so you talk about me huh?

Lou: umm well sure, I mean your my best friend so i tell them all of our adventures

Caitlyn: Aww that's sweet

Niall: Well I hate interupting a conversation but can we eat already I AM STARVING!!

Caitlyn: I agree with Niall ... Guys I am really hungry and i need food now!!

Niall: We are gonna be the bestest friends ever !! *hugs Caitlyn*

Lou: Sorry Niall but I already have that role .

Zayn: Okay you can fight about this later but we need to go !

Lou,Caitlyn,Niall: Fine!! 

Harry's POV:

They all left to the car while i was just getting my coat. This is so bad! I shouldn't have gone on a date with Caitlyn!! Well I didn't know it was the famous Caitlyn.. Wait so that is why Caitlyn's house looked so familiar to Lou's .. it's because it was him. I feel terrible because i know he really likes her. I am the only one from the group that knows !!! God he is going to hate me!! I don't know what to do ! Okay breath Harry breath , you can figure it out later. You just have to keep it a secret. Unless Caitlyn tells him!!! Oh My Gosh I am dead ! I am officially dead!Why does she have to be so pretty and smart and *sigh* intelligent and nice and ... snap out of it Harry ! You can't you just ...

Liam: Harry are you okay? You are sweating ! Are you sick? Are you okay?

Harry: I am fine .. It's just complicated

Liam: You want to talk about it? I can tell the lads to get us something if you want.

Harry: Thanks Li ...

Liam: Well what's the problem??

Harry: Well it is just that when I met Caitlyn I automatically thought she was cute and funny. Actually before Lou arrived I took her on a date

Liam: Why?? You know Lou likes her !!

Harry: I know! But when I met her I didn't know that she was the "famous" Caitlyn! I feel horrible but I can't help my feelings towards her!! It is just that she is so down to earth and i really like that!

??: You want on a date with her?? 

I heard a voice from the other side of the room and when I turned around I saw that is was Lou. Oh My I am dead!!! 

Lou: I asked something .... Did You Go On A Date With Her?? *a little louder*

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