He Could be the One

Caitlyn has been bestfriends with Louis Tomlinson since they were kids. But when her parents split and moves to Doncaster will she start to feel feeligs towards him ?! or instead fall for one of the lads ?!


6. Welcome Home

-A week later-

Me and the girls were all eating the pancakes i decided to make when Johanna comes in running with a huge smile on her face. 

Caitlyn: Johanna what happened? Why such a huge smile??

Johanna: Louis is coming home today !! we have to pick him up at the airport at 3.. 

I looked at my watch and it was already 1:30 so i quickly put my dish in the dishwasher and ran to one of the restrooms. BUt when i turned i saw that Fizzy was about to do the same thing ...

Fizzy: You are not gonna beat me.. you know that right?

Caitlyn: We'll see ... 

we start running towards the restroom and thanks to my annoying athletic coaches i am able to run faster than her and get to the rest room. took a shower . When i got didn't know what to wear , i wanted to look good but not to dressy. I wanted something kind of casual but not TOO casual. I decided on wearing some light pink shorts and a flowery shirt that hang from one shoulder. I looked at my watch and noticed it was 2 pm so i straightened my hair , put on my shoes and went to the living room. There i saw that Johanna and Lottie were looking suspicious. They both had a smile on but it was kind of a devious smile, just like they were behind something.

Caitlyn: what's going on?

Johanna and Lottie: oh nothing ...

Caitlyn: come one, i know something is going on. What is it?

Johanna: well we thought about this and decided that....


She said practically screaming with excitement !!

Caitlyn: what?! But i thought we were all gonna go ... 

Johanna: yes but we thought that you might want to go by yourself Lottie: yeah it would be a GREAT surprise..

Caitlyn: well if you want i guess , but you gu...

Johanna: NO BUTS !! Now you better go before you are late . 

She threw the keys at me and i grabbed my jacket and left. When i got to the airport i was just really nervous and just didn't know what to expect. Will he be happy? Will he think i am weird? Oh what am i doing ?! He is my best friend why am i so worried? .... I waited for him for some 30 min. And then i finally see some people from the same plane that he was on coming out. I stood up trying to find him but he was no where in sight. I grabbed my purse and headed towards the door where they were coming in but then i feel a strong pair of arms wrapped around me. I got really scared until he whispered something in my ear, i just felt safe now.

??: what is a beautiful girl like you doing here alone?

I turned around and my guess was right. It was Louis all along so i just jumped and hug then really tight. 

Caitlyn: i am so happy to see you!! 

Louis: so what are you doing here ??

Caitlyn: how about if i tell you on the car ride home okay? Everybody is excited to see you!

Louis: Home ?! Well okay honey so since when did we move in together?

Caitlyn: shut up Lou! Haha i will tell you everything in the car , so lets go..

He finally let me down, we grabbed his suit case and walked towards the car. He had his arm around my shoulders and held me tight, and that's when it hit me .... I'm still not over him.

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