He Could be the One

Caitlyn has been bestfriends with Louis Tomlinson since they were kids. But when her parents split and moves to Doncaster will she start to feel feeligs towards him ?! or instead fall for one of the lads ?!


2. The News

Caitlyn: mom what's wrong? Who died ? What happened?! Mom: could you just wait a little i will tell you in the house *i saw some tears on her cheeks and her eyes were all watery , what is going on?!* Caitlyn: but what is it? I mean is it really bad ? Is it- Mom- *yelling* I SAID I WILL TELL YOU IN THE HOUSE!! The whole car ride was silent after that , and it made it worst that the radio wasn't on.. It was all just quiet ... No sound , no nothing. I just looked at the window and felt a couple tears stream down my face.When we got to the house my father was just sitting in the table , i guess waiting for us since the tv was off. Dad: Caitlyn i was waiting for you come on , sit down. Caitlyn: what is going i here?! Why are you guys being so serious , its weird seeing you guys like that! Whats wrong ? Please just tell me! Dad: -sight- honey you may not like the news i'm about to tell you. *I quickly started looking at both of them. Scared i didnt know what to do! I didnt know what to think!* Mom: honey we are gonna get a divirce! Caitlyn: what ??!! Mom: you will be moving with me to England. Caitlyn: ENGLAND?! Mom: Doncaster to be exact ... We will be staying in a small apartment Caitlyn: we? I don't think so ... Mom: well where will you be staying at miss independent ? Caitlyn: I'll just ask Johanna if i can stay with them ... I mean louis is away and they always considered me as part of their family Mom: well we will see how your plans work out missy   

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