He Could be the One

Caitlyn has been bestfriends with Louis Tomlinson since they were kids. But when her parents split and moves to Doncaster will she start to feel feeligs towards him ?! or instead fall for one of the lads ?!


7. I know you like her ....


I got out of the plane tired and i just needed a nap. I get my luggage and try to find my mom but they were no where in sight. I try to look for them again but all i see is Caitlyn.... Wait what ? Caitlyn? I go behind her and hug her tight. Louis: what is a beautiful girl like you doing here alone? Ugh did i just say that? Am i THAT stupid, i could have simply said "hey what's up " or maybe a "guess who". I just hope she will let it slip by. She turned around and jumped to a hug. Gosh i missed her so much, hey hugs always made me happy. I didn't want to let her go, i could have stayed like this forever! Caitlyn: i am so happy to see you!!  Louis: so what are you doing here ?? Caitlyn: how about if i tell you on the car ride home okay? Everybody is excited to see you! Louis: Home ?! Well okay honey so since when did we move in together? Caitlyn: shut up Lou! Haha i will tell you everything in the car.  so lets go I let her down and we walked towards the car. I am still confuses why she said home, but i let it slip by and i am just happy that she is here ... With me. We get to the car and i convinced her to let me drive so she could tell me every detail about this story that some how she didn't tell be before even do i am her best friend.  Louis: so are you gonna tell me now or are you gonna make me beg? Caitlyn: Oh i am def. gonna make you beg. Louis: PLEASEEEE just tell me .. Caitlyn: I don't know why you are making a big deal out of this ... It isn't even THAT important but fine i will tell you. Well it is just that my parents divorced about a month ago and i asked Jay if i could live with them while i get my own place and she said yes. Are you happy i told you?  Louis: I know i am supposed to say i am sorry because your parents divorced but instead i am just happy that you are staying here. Caitlyn: Oh lou you are the only one that can turn a sad story into a happy story. Louis: It's just one of my many talents Caitlyn: Oh shut up.... So that is how we spend the whole car ride. We talked all of the way , there was no dull moment which made me remember all of the great times we had together. I remember all of our adventures and it is all just great. We got home and she helped me with the bags and we went in. I gave huge hugs to everyone and it was good to finally be home. I finally took my nap which by the way felt really nice after a long flight. I went down stairs and see Caitlyn and my mom talking while drinking tea.  Caitlyn: well looks like the sleeping beauty finally decided to join us Louis: very funny Caitlyn Jay: so how was just flight hun? Louis: It was good, oh by the way i called the lads and they want me to go see them, so i was wondering if you would want to go with me Caitlyn?! You could meet my best friends!

Caitlyn: You replaced me .. gasp ... haha just kidding , sure i would love to go. I just have to change and we can go ,deal?


Louis: Yeah sure no problem.


Caitlyn left and it was just me and my mom. i finished Caitlyn's team and i went to the kitchen to get more until i heard what my mom said:


Jay: So when are you gonna tell her you like her?


Louis: What are you talking about?


Jay: Oh please , you are gonna be able to do more than that to convince me. I know you like Cat !


Louis: Mom so i kind of like her but you better not say anything to anyone , Plus she doesn't like me so i am not even gonna try.


Jay: Oh Lou , you can be stupid sometimes ...


Louis: Well thanks mom ..... 


I went to the living room and wait for Cat, It honesly felt like it took and hour for her to come down. Why do girls take such a long time to get ready ? It's unbelievable !! When she finally comes down I put her on my shoulder and head towards the car.


Caitlyn: LOU TAKE ME DOWN !!


Louis: Not until we get to the car , man you took forever and we are gonna be late !!


Caitlyn: Hey I'm sorry but PUT ME DOWN NOW !!!


Louis: Fine i will 


I finally put her in the car and sit her down. We get to the house and since i have a spear key i just open the door .



I probably shouldn't hvae done that because once i said that they came running and i almost fell to the floor.


Louis: Guys i want you to meet ....


Harry : Caitlyn ?! 





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