He Could be the One

Caitlyn has been bestfriends with Louis Tomlinson since they were kids. But when her parents split and moves to Doncaster will she start to feel feeligs towards him ?! or instead fall for one of the lads ?!


4. Airplane ride (:


-Week Later- *At the airport* Mom:Could you at least call me sometimes Caitlyn : mom that i am not going to live with you doesnt mean i am mad at you or anything okay! I will call you when ever i can  Speaker: Flight to Doncaster at 8 am go and ride the plane already ? Thank you Caitlyn : well looks like i am leaving  Mom: call me ... I love you Caitlyn : i love you too I hug here and ride the plane , i was actually excited to go to my hometown !! Plus i will be living with my best friend ( Lottie ) !! I'm actually excited......  ??: excuse me , may i sit there? I turned around a i see a cute guy with curly hair, he was actually pretty cute in my opinion Caitlyn : oh yeah sure *smiles* ??: thank you .. Oh And since we will be in this plane for a while i guess i could maybe know your name?! Caitlyn : sure *blushes* my name is  Caitlyn   ??: hello  Caitlyn  my name is Harry ... Harry Styles and btw i love your name  Caitlyn : thank you *giggles* so why are you going to Doncaster? Harry: i'm gonna go visit some friends and then record some songs for my new album   Caitlyn : wow that sounds like lots of fun  Harry: what about you love?  Caitlyn : well long story short i am moving to Doncaster and i will be living with my best friend Harry: that's cool , you know i will be staying for a while there so maybe you might want to hang out with me sometime? Caitlyn : sure .. Sound like fun I see him smile and i just stare into his eyes. Wow he is really cute .... We talk for what seemed ages until i get tired and just fall asleep. Harry's POV:  -On the phone:- Louis: dude calm down it i just a bad day , you'll get over it Harry: I guess... Plus i am just plain cranky because i have't slept well Louis: look just get to Doncaster and go to the place where the rest of the lads are . There you can rest and tell them i will get there in 2 days okay?! Harry: fine .. I have to go .. Talk to you later  Louis: Good bye -End of Phone Call- I get to the plane and look for my seat .. I find it and i see that i will be sitting next to a really cute girl.... Maybe this day won't be as bad i thought . Harry: excuse me , may i sit there? ??: oh yeah sure We start s conversation and i learned her name is  Caitlyn . We talk for about 3 hours until she fell asleep. Then i felt something on my shoulder and i see that she put her head on my shoulder. I covered her with the blanked and she just grabbed my arm tightly like i was her pillow and felt to sleep again. She looked really cute and since i was tired to i decided to put my head on top of her and then eventually fell asleep.    Caitlyn  POV Harry:  Caitlyn Caitlyn  we are here ! Wake up sleeping beauty<3  I wake up and see that i have been holding Harry's arm the whole plane ride. Caitlyn : i am so sorry ... Umm -stopped hugging his arm-  Harry: haha don't worry about it , actually your head is pretty comfortable too - shows a picture on twitter- The picture was of me holding his arm and sleeping with my head on his shoulder and him sleeping with his head on top if mine. All i could do is giggle. Caitlyn : well umm i guess i should get going  Harry:yeah me too ... *gets his bags* Caitlyn : uuhh here take this and we can talk later okay?! Harry:yeah sure !! *he says excited*  Caitlyn : *giggles* well i have to go ... Bye harry *hugs him and kisses him in the cheek and leaves*  
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