love is power

When 3 friends(sydnee,cami,sarah) friends find the selves falling in love with one directions harry,liam, and loui will they fall deep in love or push them away


5. the best to the worst

camis p.o.v
i had a date with harry tonight and i looked great i wore a purple blouse and blue jean capris and and my purple toms. i walked downstairs and all the boys just turned and was just staring at me. and i said take a picture it'll last longer. i giggled and all but harry just rolled their eyes then for some reason put a blindfold on me and walked to the car and when we got in the car i asked " is this really neccesary" and he said " of course our date is a surprise." we rode in the car for about 10 mins then when we stopped he opened my door and took my hand and sat me diwn on something soft. he removed my blind fold and it revealed a beautiful picnic with crambroulee and choclate strawberrys and we ate and fed eachother strawberrys and after our meal was completed we laid down and watched the sun go down it was perfect until i heard footsteps come up behind us. and a girl said " harry what are you doing with her. i turned around and he did to and i said " who are you?" and harry said "clara what are yo doing here." and then she said " im harrys girlfriend" and harry angrily said " ok one you are not my girlfriend two what are you doing here."
" im here to get you back babe."she said. " can we talk privately." so they went behind a tree and their was some yelling and the quietness. i looked over and harry was kissing clara. i then ran and called sarah and told her to come get and i would download at home and she agreed. i ran and harry caught and grabbed my arm tightly and it startes to hurt " let me go" i yelled and then i heard sarah and she yelled " let her go harry" and he let go and we ran to the car and i just crie my eyes out and told her i would download when we got to her house
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