love is power

When 3 friends(sydnee,cami,sarah) friends find the selves falling in love with one directions harry,liam, and loui will they fall deep in love or push them away


3. hangin wit 1D

we were there forever and i loved every second cause of harry. I kept getting lost in his pretty blue green eyes. he is perfect i want him to be mine i hope he likes me 2.
harry's p.o.v
she was beautiful and with a name that matched her beauty cami i said it over and over again in my head. I want her to be mine all mine. she is so perfect.
liam p.o.v
sarah was so pretty beautiful blonde hair and pretty green eyes. she was so kind and sweet and i liked her very much. i looked over and cami and harry were practilly drooling over each other same with lou and sydnee. but i couldnt blame em i was practilly drooling over sarah as well i couldnt help myself she was just so dang pretty.
sarahs p.o.v
liam was so hot and sweet and funny and cute i could go on forever. i liked him i really like him. he was so kind. when i looked at the clock it was 10:30. i then said " well im srry boys but i think its time for us to leave. in perfect harmony they all said ahhhhh dont leave plz pretty plz. cami then said " srry boys our curfew is 11 we gtg srry. liam then said "will we see you again". i then said " positive you wil here is mine camis and sydnees number. txt us any time" all the boys just smiled. before we left they each gave us a kiss on the cheek and a hug. when we got home it was 10:45 cami and sydnee were crashin at my place we made a pallete in the floor and fell right asleep.
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