love is power

When 3 friends(sydnee,cami,sarah) friends find the selves falling in love with one directions harry,liam, and loui will they fall deep in love or push them away


9. go time

sarahs pov
today was camis party and sydnee and her just left to go shooping to get cut outfits for tonight as far as she knows we are going clubbing it kinda is clubbing except u know people but we are drinking hangovers here we come and there is music one direction and modern day and no grownups all me sydnee and camis parents went on vacation for 6mnths but we can care of ourselves

camis pov
YAY!!! i love clubbing and i can finally drink yes me and sydnee have been shopping fo what seems like forever but i found this smexy strapless purple lace cocktail dress and sydnee got a blue short strapless cocktail dress that was sparkly and we got sarah a lime green spaghetti short dress and we headed home and waited on sarah
5mins later...
"im here" and then we all got ready and we looked pretty gosh darn smexy i curled my hair and pinned it up
and sarah straightened hers and sydnee curled her but left it down
and it was time to go
sarahs pov
i called liam and it was go time fo the best party ev
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