love is power

When 3 friends(sydnee,cami,sarah) friends find the selves falling in love with one directions harry,liam, and loui will they fall deep in love or push them away


6. dont touch me

after i explained what happened to sarah we sat there just crying and we then heard a knock at the door. i told her if its harry dont let him in. she ran diwn stairs and she was yelling at him. and then she slammed the front door and she ran up and said "i need to call liam" and i agreed and she told him everything and he said he would talk to harry and he would keep us updated. at the end of the phone call he said " i love you babe" and she said " i love you too baby". they hung up and said "when did that happen and she said the day after they kissed us" " awww" " but back to you" " well sorry but im tired" she left and i fell asleep.
harrys p.o.v
i felt awful clara kissed me and cami saw i was a fool i didnt deserve her i came in and got a lecture from the lads and was yelled at and after they were done i screamed " i love her ok clara kissed me it my fault." " well we arent the ones should be tellin that" " i will txt her tommorow even though she wont answer" i said then zayn said " go and see her" i did and practially got the door slammed in my face" well u need to give her some time i talked to her and sarah and they are crying their hearts out" i walked off crying to my room and i fell asleep on my bed but not before i txted her how much i miss her and love her
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