love is power

When 3 friends(sydnee,cami,sarah) friends find the selves falling in love with one directions harry,liam, and loui will they fall deep in love or push them away


8. all is good

camis pov
me harry are back together and all is good the boys have been coming over alot and its almost my b- day lucky number 18 oh my fijizzles im so excited.

harrys pov
sarah called us into the living room for a meeting while sydnee and cami are out shopping
"we need to make camis sweet 18 the best of her life even better than 16. so i have invited all our friends to come and they all have said yes and i would like u guys to sing at her bday party then to make the girls jealous harry liam and louis will come off the stage and kiss their girlfriends" " will their be carrots" louis asked "yes of course and no spoons for liam of course sweety so we ready to plan the best party eva" we all screamed "YEAH" and sarah kissed liam hard and passionate and zayn said "get a room" and during the kiss liam and sarah both stuck their middle fingers up and we just laughed.
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