You had me at hello

When Rissa and her friends were at the coffee shop she meets the guy of her dreams and has everything she ever wanted.


4. The questions

I look at him but not to noticeable. What do I tell him well I'm a crazed fan that is on love with the fact I'm on a date with Harry Styles. "Well honestly I really like you, you are sweet,relaxed,funny,cute,and such a gentle man. He started to blush and just smiled
And looked down.

I smile and say "Why don't we go to my house.". We rush out and arrive to my house. I notice my mom is home so he tells me "I know I'm not gunna be able to do this in front of your mom.". I looked shocked as he leans in for a kiss, I go forward and go with it. I blushed really bad and thought this is one of the best nights I ever had. I smile and bite my lip we walk in the front door holding hands.

As we walk in the door my mom says "There you are, how is this?". I can tell the look on her faces he knows exactly who it is by my room. My ROOM I have to do something about the posters!!! He shakes my moms hand saying "I am Harry Styles.". He makes conversation with my mom and I try
to rush to my room but he says "Whats the hurry?". I look embarrassed and say "Well I have a lot of posters of you and I don't want you to be creeped out. "Sweety don't worry I don't care if you like One Direction. Don't change for me." I smiled and calmed down and joined there conversation.
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