You had me at hello

When Rissa and her friends were at the coffee shop she meets the guy of her dreams and has everything she ever wanted.


2. The conversation

I stared with a big smile, just standing there shocked. "I don't believe we met before.". The accent was making me blush. "No we haven't but I'm Rissa.". He looked at me with a sweet look "Well I'm sure you know I'm Harry.". Of course I knew I loved One Direction. "Yes I actually do in quite a fan.". He had smiled like it was a bonus. "That very cool. I'm not trying to be a flirt but would you be intrested in texting me sometime?" I was shocked that Harry Styles would want me to take him phone number. "Ya I'd love to." "Thanks text me anytime.". He kissed my hand and walked away. I immediately start to blush.

I continued to walk home and stare at the ripped peace of paper with the number on it and it saying "Call me." with a winky face. I smiled thing of how he said "I'm not trying to be a flirt.". All I could think is that's not something you say when you kiss my hand.

When I got home I took a quick a shower. When I got settled and plopped on the couch. I just look around finding a note say "Went to the store be back soon :)". Since my mom was gone I has a few hours to kill.

I look on the coffee table and notice the note with his number on it. I pick up my phone and write "Hey it's Rissa from the beach. :)"
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