You had me at hello

When Rissa and her friends were at the coffee shop she meets the guy of her dreams and has everything she ever wanted.


1. The beach

We were all hanging out on the beach when a group of guys challenged us to a game of volley ball. As we began the game I had noticed the guy in the back was Harry Styles!!! I was freaking out inside but played cool outside. I had continued to stare at him til he stared back. I turned my head away as if I was focusing on the game.

When I went to glance back at him I noticed he was staring at me. I was shocked but acted casual.

When the game ended I decided to head home, all of a sudden I felt that someone was behind me. I turned my head a bit to see who it was and not make it noticeable. I figured out it was Harry again!!! I was freaking out til he had jumped and front of me and said "Hello."
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