You had me at hello

When Rissa and her friends were at the coffee shop she meets the guy of her dreams and has everything she ever wanted.


3. Talking for hours

It took him a minute for him to text back.

"Oh hi I was scared you wouldn't text ;)"

"Well I didn't want to be rude. ;)"

"I can't see you rude. :)"

"Ha don't worry I'll be nice. :)

"So I was wondering do you wanna go out tonight?"

"It depends. Where?"

"It's a surprise, I'll be there in an hour. ;)"

"Fine by me. :)"

After that I had just noticed that I had to get ready! I looked in the mirror and I was just wearing a half shirt with some shorts and my hair in a bun.

I ran to my closet picking out a cute purple dress with a pair of black heels. I do my hair and make up nice and decide to wait on the couch.

I hear a knock on my door. I try to answer it nicely but of course I have to trip, I stuck the landing trying to act casual but he noticed and let out a small laugh.

"You ready to go?" he asked "Sure thing.". I grab my purse and we run out the door. He was very polite he opened the car door for me and made sure I was comfortable. "You look great." I blush where it's noticeable and look at him "Right back at ya.". He smiles and drives us to a nice little bar and grill on the beach. He had reserved a spot for us do we got a seat right away.

We had just ordered and he had looked at me and smiled. "Whats wrong?" I replie with the look. "Nothing I just can't get over how gorgeous you look.". I can feel my face on fire I look down trying to hide it but he laughs and points it out.

We had talked for hours telling each other about ourselves. I loved the conversations because we never had a moment of silence we just kept the conversation going. It was all relaxing until he asked me how I feel about him.
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