Love Is Magic

I am Arianna. I am a 10 year old girl that holds a dreadful secret. I am a witch and my Mother and Father are pure blood witches and wizards they also hate me more than they hate muggleborns. Sometimes I just wish I could go to a far away place and escape this dreadful world. Maybe one day my wish will come true?


3. The letters and a shock

It has been a year since I have been at the Weasley's and we are all as close as family. Me, Fred and George is about to wake Ron up with a prank. While me and Fred was sticking fake spiders around the room George was out side finding a real one. Me and Fred had to be careful not to wake Ron up. Once me and Fred had finished we looked around the spiders looked so realistic. Me and Fred snickered when George came in and put a real spider on Ron's arm it started to crawl around on his body. I giggled quietly. I know it was evil but I enjoy pranking it gives me a laugh. I then screamed into the room as loud as I could

"Ron time to wake up. Oh my god Ron get out of there quick."

He shot up, looked around and screamed because he saw loads of spiders around him. He ran to me once he found the spider in his bed. He hugged me and squeezed me tighter and tighter. I couldn't breathe. He was seriously scared. I gasped out in small breathes 

"Ron let go of me please. I can't breathe. They are fake Ron"

He let go of me He looked at me and then at Fred and George who was in fits of laughter on the floor. I could see the glint of anger in his eyes. I ran into his room and collected as many as possible including the real one and I shot out of the door past the boys who was in hall arguing and I chucked them in the twins room. I ran down the stairs like lighting and I saw a pile of letters on the table. I ran and saw two letters with my name on. I felt confused. A child only ever gets one letter and that's from Hogwarts. I knew one was from Hogwarts because the Hogwarts stamp was on there but I had no idea what the other was? I shouted to Mrs Weasley who was just down the hall

"Mrs Weasley can you come here please I need to talk to you a minute."

She popped round the door and shut it. Her warm smile made me feel happy. He red wavy hair was gripped out of her face. She said in a sweet kind voice

"Whats up Dear?"

I replied in a worried and confused voice

"Well Mrs Weasley I just got my Hogwarts letter but I also got another letter? I was wondering what it is?"

She took the letters and opened them. All of a sudden she frowned. I felt a pang of panic inside me. What if Hogwarts wanted me and then changed there minds?Everyone ran down stairs and Mrs Weasley finally announced

 "Well Dear its looks like for your first three years you will be attending Beauxbatons Academy of Magic before attending Hogwarts."

I smiled maybe this wasn't too bad. I get to go to France for a few years. The Weasley children stood around the door looked outraged. Especially the twins who looked like they were about to erupt with anger. I tried to calm them all down by saying calmly 

"Guys it will only be three years and then I will be able to come to Hogwarts ready to learn. Meet all new friends and be with you guys. I will come home for the holidays but this will be good for me. But one downer I have to leave early which is in a week"

Fred and George tried to argue but they had nothing to say. Mrs Weasley told me we would travel to Diagon Allie tomorrow. I looked at the others I could see sadness in there eyes. They were really disappointed because they would talk about it all the time what we would all do at Hogwarts together. We all spent the day together. We played quidditch and ran to the field to spend time together. But after a few hours the sky turned black and the full moon and the stars hovered above us in the sky. We all ran home because full moons were dangerous. The werewolves would come out, even if they were friends or enemies either way they would kill you instantly. Or with one bite you could be a werewolf yourself. I knew a lot about this stuff because I would study a lot. All of a sudden I heard a howl behind me. I turned around and there stood a werewolf. Showing its terrifying,sharp teeth. Its small red eyes glared at us all. It stood tall blocking the view of the full moon but the light of the moon shined around the creature. I could see its long sharp claws. They were like massive sharp knifes attached to the animal. I breathed so only we could here

"Don't move guys or make a sound"

I felt Ginny grab hold of my hand. She was freezing her touch was colder than ice. She was shaking slightly from fear but she didn't show it. We backed off slowly, only making tiny steps careful to make no sounds. Luckily we were wearing dark clothes so we blended in with the darkness of the shadows. The wolf was looking around but then Percy stood on a twig and it made a loud 


I gasped and the werewolf stood up and its howl pierced the air of the night and at the moment we ran for it. I realize one of us wasn't going to make it. I grabbed Ginny's hand and pulled her along. Fred was holding Ron's hand and I handed Ginny to George. I tugged at Percy to run. I tried to run but my foot was caught on something. I noticed the all had looked back. I shouted to them 

"Guys forget about me just run I will try and catch up but I doubt I will make it."

I saw George pick Ginny while she was screaming and crying for me. I bent down and noticed it was a metal wire dug into my foot and shoe I flicked my first shoe away distracting the werewolf.  I yanked my other shoe and when the werewolf saw it  I threw it as far away from me as I could and the werewolf was completely out of sight. I yanked the wire out of my foot. I held back my scream trying not to distract the werewolf and I ran for it trying not to limp. I was still running pretty fast. I was almost to the house when I noticed the werewolf was back but I tripped and just as it was about to get me. Arthur was stood in front of me shooting spells at the werewolf. I hoped up and found something to throw and I chucked it as far as I could again. Me and Arthur ran into the house. I walked into the living room and saw them all crying there eyes out. I blurted out quickly not being able to stand  the pain in my foot

"Mrs Weasley I have really hurt my foot will  you look at it please?"

Everyone suddenly seemed to cheer up, the crying stopped and signs of relief appeared on everyone's faces. Mrs Weasley then said in a soft voice

" Of cause sweetheart. Come here and I will look at it."

I sat down next to her and she took my foot carefully and examined it. I looked at it there was loads of small cuts and one massive one, a small red stream of blood was running down my foot. She propped up my leg and left the room. Everyone else sat there and stared at me. I noticed Fred and Ginny had the most tear stains on there checks and then George had a bit less than them. Mrs Weasley came back and cleaned the cuts. After a lot of stinging pain she gave me a medicine type drink. I drank it all quickly. Mrs Weasley then said softly

"The potion is going to make you sleepy dear. But Fred will carry you to yours and Ginny's room and Ginny, Fred and George are going to stay with you."

I just nodded. Fred came and picked me up in bridal style. He lifted me like I was a feather and I put my head on his shoulder. Next thing I knew I was in bed and Ginny, Fred and George were stood around me Ginny whispered to me

"I know you was just trying to save us all Arianna but never do that again its either we all escape together or we all die together you here me?"

Fred and George nodded in agreement.I shook my head. I whispered to them

" You guys I sacrificed my self because I love you guys so much and I could bare to see you guys get hurt.I gave Ginny to George cause I could tell one of us wasn't going to make it so I made sure everyone ran but while I was distracting it I got stuck on some wire so I had to distract it some more just to escape. You guys have a great future a head of you but I don't my own parents don't even want me."

I hid under my covers and tears rolled down my face in memory of last year.Then all of a sudden Fred was there too, he gave me a sympathetic look and wiped the tears from my checks he took the covers away and Ginny led me to the bathrooms where we both got changed out of our dirty clothes. Ginny helped me back to our room where George was laid on a blow up mattress and Fred was sat in my bed. Ginny climbed in her bed and next thing I knew George and Ginny were asleep. They both looked so peaceful and happy. The looked like they had no worries and they were in a place where nothing could touch them. I climbed into bed with Fred. He wrapped his arms around me tightly like he was afraid to lose me. I didn't stop the potion for taking me into a deep long sleep. When I was almost asleep I heard Fred whisper sweetly 

"Nighty Night Arianna I love you."

Then his lips touched my forehead. I felt warmth flow through me. The kiss he left on my forehead felt like magic.








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