Love Is Magic

I am Arianna. I am a 10 year old girl that holds a dreadful secret. I am a witch and my Mother and Father are pure blood witches and wizards they also hate me more than they hate muggleborns. Sometimes I just wish I could go to a far away place and escape this dreadful world. Maybe one day my wish will come true?


2. A new family

The lady that was sat with her husband the said to me in a sweet kind voice 

"Hello dear I am Mrs Weasley but call me Molly and this is Mr Weasley but call him Arthur."

She had a warm and welcoming smile on her face and so did Mr Weasley. She then looked down at the children and then spoke in a demanding voice

"Kids take Arianna upstairs and introduce yourselves. Ginny, Arianna will be staying in your room. Help her unpack and show her round the house will you sweetie?" 

The little girl just nodded and all the kids headed up the stair. The only girl which I think Mrs Weasley said was Ginny walked in front of me and the twins were on either side of me. We all finally got up to a room that said Ginny on the door.We all walked dully inside the room. But to my surprise her room was quite big. The twins and the girl sat on a bed and the other boys sat on the spare bed and I went and sat in a chair that was closest to the beds. They all sat there and stared at me as if I was a alien. I felt puzzled was there something wrong with me? Did I have something on my clothes or face? Had I done something wrong to them? All of a sudden the girl spoke up fighting away the awkward silence

"Well we will introduce ourselves but afterwards we want to know about you ok?"

I just nodded quickly feeling nervous. I am sat in a room full of strangers, I have no idea where I am and I don't even know if I am welcome here or not. The girl smiled brightly and spoke pretty giddily

"Well I am Ginny. My full name if Ginevra Molly Weasley, never use my full name just call me Ginny. I am 9 years old in two years I am going to Hogwarts. Also its so exciting to have another girl in the house I always feel so lonely"

She giggled slightly. This made me feel happy now I know one person in this room likes me. All of a sudden a young boy that looked my age then spoke 

"Well I am Ron, my full name is Ronald Bilius Weasley. I am ten years old. I am going to Hogwarts next year and I love food."

This made me giggle quite a lot and Ron smiled at me. Then one twins next to Ginny said loudly

" I am George"

Then the other said even louder

"And I am Fred" 

Then together the shouted 

"We are in our second year of Hogwarts and we think your attractive."

I felt my checks turning red as the blush crawled into my checks. Then a dull looking boy said in a smart but boring tone

"I am Percy Ignatious Weasley, I am the third oldest. And I hope to see more of you."

I just smiled at him. He seemed like the person that worried about grades and loves books. One of the older ones spoke next 

" I am Charlie Weasley, I am one of the best seekers in my house and I must agree with Fred and George you are really pretty I have a feeling we are going to be good friends."

I smiled again he seemed pretty cool. Finally we got to the last person! He said quickly 

" I am Bill but my name is William Weasley. I am the oldest here. You won't see me around as much because I have left school."

Ginny then said loudly while blinking quickly like she was almost asleep before

"Well that's our ginormous family over and done with. Well what we would like to know is what is your name? What happened to your real family and just something random."

All of a sudden I felt so nervous they was all sat there looking at me. I deiced I would tell them everything about my family issues. I mean they are my new family right? I then said in a quiet voice 

" My name is Arianna Emily Lovewood.I am ten years old and my Mother and Father hated me because I was a freak. Its not because I am a witch they are pureblood maniacs. I would get abused by them if I did something wrong or even if I didn't. I was treated like a servant there and  they would was scream hurtful words at me and all the time the would grab my hair kick me and punch me. They never  fed me and I wasn't aloud food unless I bought it with my own money. The other night I finally found a chance to run away and I did but Dumbledore found me and brought me here. A strange fact. I don't know. I like to prank and I was sent off to lessons when I was younger to learn to sing,dance, play the piano and guitar."

They all sat there and stared at me in amazement. I could see the look of guilt and sadness in there eyes. Fred was the first one to speak up. He said 

"Arianna we are so sorry to hear that but you are with us now you have nothing to fear and you never have to go back to you dreadful parents again." 

Fred, Ginny and George ran up and hugged me. Afterwards Bill, Charlie, Ron joined in but Percy just stood nearby. I finally felt welcome and I then I realized I had just made my very first friends. 



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