Love Is Magic

I am Arianna. I am a 10 year old girl that holds a dreadful secret. I am a witch and my Mother and Father are pure blood witches and wizards they also hate me more than they hate muggleborns. Sometimes I just wish I could go to a far away place and escape this dreadful world. Maybe one day my wish will come true?


1. Arianna

My mother and Father angry voices screamed at me from downstairs in the cold,room bellow. My father then screamed at me 

" Arianna get down here we want our breakfast now!" 

I stared at my tiny alarm clock, I pressed the button on top and it glowed blue but the little, tiny, black numbers read 5:30 AM. I groaned and rubbed my eyes trying to knock the pounding headache from the lack of sleep out of me. I quickly popped my fluffy slippers on and ran down the stairs quickly to the kitchen that was lost is the lonely dark. My hands rubbed against the wall because my eyes were helpless in the pitch, black dark. I finally found a switch on the wall and the kitchen lit up with the bright light. The light bounced of the black tiles on the floor. I ran to the fridge and got some ready made pancakes out . I shoved them in a tiny box that was supposedly called a microwave , slammed the little door shut and pressed the tiny little buttons that made a bleep each time I pressed one. I ran over to the fridge and got the freshly squeezed orange juice out. I poured it slowly into the delicate, small glasses. I quickly took the pancakes out of the microwave and placed them neatly on a plate. I put the orange juice carton back in the fridge and put the pancakes on a small metal tray with the orange juice and i hurried into the room of darkness where my Mother and Father would be waiting for me. I put the light on as soon as i entered the room and light spread through out the room. But my Mother and Father yelped in pain. I hurried over to them giving them there pancakes and juice. They sat there scoffing there faces while I starved to death because i wasn't aloud food unless I bought it myself.  My father then screamed at me while still eating

"Arianna clean this mess up! now! "

I ran off quickly to the kitchen to grab a plastic bag, cloth and other cleaning supplies. I ran back quickly. I looked around the room to see litter all over the floor and glass bottles and some were smashes up. The liquid inside the bottles were no longer in side the bottles it was in blobs on the floor. So I got to work. I shoved the trash in the bag angrily. After fifteen minutes I had done and got all the bottles and collected all the glass off the floor. I grabbed the cloth and scrubbed at the liquid on the floor that took me another ten minutes.  I took there plates back into the kitchen to wash up. I turned the tap on and water rushed out into the washing up bowl. I add washing up liquid and the bubbles frothed up. I stopped the water and  dunked the plates in the water and scrubbed and them until I could see my reflection. If my parents couldn't see there reflection in them i would normally get beaten until I had purple bruises all over my body. My Father then screamed 

"Arianna get in here! Now!"

I hurried into the room as quick as i could. My father then screamed

" You worthless child you can't even clean up your own living room! We never wanted you, you filthy child. You are disgusting and ugly. Why are you here! I mean we wouldn't mind you if you was popular and had friends but no your a loser and a freak!"

This was a regular pattern. He then punched me and kicked me until I was on the floor. Pain was spreading through my body but I knew not to scream or cry out in pain because he would hurt me more. I ran upstairs once he was done and tears would no longer stay in my eyes, they ran down my face like little tiny rivers. I looked in the mirror and I saw a little girl with red hair in curls, pale skin and pink tiny lips. My big, crystal blue eyes stood out and the was highlighted with a bit of mascara and eyeliner and my cheeks were slightly pink. If my parents didn't want me why was i here? I grabbed my bag packed up all my cosmetics, my money that I had been saving up, clothes and any other thing that I needed. I slowly crept down the stairs careful not to make a sound. I opened the door and shut it carefully not making one single, little sound and then I ran for it. I looked up and saw the beautiful moon and stars above me. Sometimes I would wish upon the stars that i would find a place where I was welcome. But of course the would never happen. By time I was to the town the sun was rising. I felt so tired but I had to keep going going. A couple of people was already up wondering the town either going to work or just up early to do what they want to. I was running through a short cut to a field I know but then I ran into someone and fell backwards onto the floor. I looked up and saw a man with a white beard and hair. He had tiny glasses on covering his eyes. He then said to me in loud and proud voice

" Hello Arianna I am sorry about that I didn't mean to make you fall. I was on my way to fetch you but I guess I have already found you."

I sat up slowly and stood up and I asked in shock

"I don't mean to seem rude but who are you?"

He then said in proud voice

" I am professor Dumbledore and I am the head master of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Also I am here to take you to your new home where you will stay while you are not at Hogwarts because I have been watching over you and your parents and it is a bad environment for you. Ok now take my arm now."

I grabbed his arm and I felt like I was being squeezed through a tight tube. I was suddenly back on the ground feeling really dizzy and gasping for air. I looked around and noticed I was in a massive field and there was a massive house in front of me. Dumbledore led me into the house and sat down in a living room was a large family with ginger hair. There was two adults sat down on a couch and then there was lots of sons and beautiful daughter. Something told me I would get along with the girl and the twins sat on the floor next to her. Dumbledore the said

"Arianna this is the Weasley family and you will be staying with them."

When he said Arianna all eyes were on me. All of a sudden I felt shy and tried to hide behind Dumbledore.

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