One Direction: Zayn Version

Aurora is a new kid at school. When she meets Zayn Malik, soon going to the X Factor, she developes feelings for him! What will happen as these two friends develop strong feelings for each other and neither one of them knows the other likes them? Will Zayn or Aurora tell each other or will one of them chicken out? Will they ever get to be with eachother like they want to be? Or will someone get in the way? Find out by reading!

This fanfiction starts before the boys are famous but are about to go to the X Factor auditions! Enjoy!


12. Save Me!

Zayn's POV

Perrie kissed me and I slapped her.

"Perrie how dare you! I have a girlfriend!" I yelled at her.

"I know, and she doesn't deserve you! I love you more than she ever will!" Perrie screamed back.

I walked out of the club and a car zoomed out of the parking lot. I'm not the only one mad tonight. Perrie had invited me to go bowling and I accepted. Harry came and Perrie brought a friend, so Harry and her friend got caught in the moment and went home. So I was left alone bowling with Perrie. We just finished bowling and we were about to leave when she kissed me. Some girls saw and were talking about it on the way out saying we made out and someone ran in then ran out. I assumed that the car that was zooming out of the parking lot were the girls talking about it because I didn't see them. I called a cab and got a ride home. I can't believe she kissed me that was gross! I thought I was going to puke. I reached the house, paid for the cab and went inside and got a shower and brushed my teeth five times. I got in bed and went to put my arm around Aurora and she was gone. I jumped out of bed and turned on the lights. She's gone! Oh no! It all made sense now! She was the one that zoomed away in the car! Oh crap! No this can't be happening! I put on a pair of jeans and a hoodie and ran downstairs and pounded on the boys doors. Harry came out and I screamed at him to put some clothes on. Shocked he told the girl that he had to go, but he'd be back and I went to get the others. Once they all came out I told them what all happened.

"Perrie's a jerk. I'm telling you. She's trying to get Aurora...." Louis cut himself off, "No, not Aurora! I'm going to kill Perrie!"

"We got to find her mate!" Liam said.

"I know we do!" I screamed.

"Calm down, we'll find her. We need to split up though." Niall said.

"We'll all meet back here at 10 am. Search everywhere! If one of you find her call me immediately!" I yelled.

With that we all split up and searched around town. It was 3:00 am and I went to a drive through and got coffee to keep me awake.

Niall's POV

I searched in low key places where no one would think to look. It was 4:00 am now and I pulled into a cafe and ordered a lot of food. I was really hungry. Thankfully I had gotten some sleep so I wasn't to too tired. After that I got back on the road and it was 4:30 am now. I pulled into a wooded area and drove around and saw a little club. I went in and saw someone that looked like Aurora, but Aurora doesn't have a sparkly red dress, fish net tights, stiletto boots plus her hair wasn't wavy like Aurora. And she was slow dancing with a guy. And I didn't recognize him, then I had to go to the bathroom. I came out and the girl was gone. She was pretty though. I went up to the bar man, showed him Aurora's picture and asked him if he had seen anyone who looked like her.

"Yeah, she was dancing with the bar man from the past shift a few minutes ago but she left, she was wearing a red sparkly dress."

"Thanks." I said.

So that was her! Crap I should've known it was! It looked so much like her and I missed her! Crap! I ran out to my car and looked around. A car zoomed out of the lot, it was her car. I got in my car, started it and tried to find her. Next thing I know I hear a crash and my heart stopped. I slammed on my brakes and just started crying. I grabbed my phone and called Zayn up.

Louis's POV

My phone buzzed and it was Zayn.

"Hey, you found her?" I asked.

He was crying.

"N- Niall found her, she crashed into a tree. Meet us at the hospital." He managed to say.

"Ok mate, see ya soon."

I hung up and drove as fast as I could to the ER. I pulled in, called Eleanor and told her Aurora was in a crash and to come to the hospital soon.

*sorry for not adding for so long! Please let me know what you think so far! I'll try to update every day or every other day! Thanks you all or reading my fan fic so far!!*

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