One Direction: Zayn Version

Aurora is a new kid at school. When she meets Zayn Malik, soon going to the X Factor, she developes feelings for him! What will happen as these two friends develop strong feelings for each other and neither one of them knows the other likes them? Will Zayn or Aurora tell each other or will one of them chicken out? Will they ever get to be with eachother like they want to be? Or will someone get in the way? Find out by reading!

This fanfiction starts before the boys are famous but are about to go to the X Factor auditions! Enjoy!


2. Safe Place

I opened my door and the first thing I said was, "I'm home."

There was a silence in the house, I know what that meant. I rushed upstairs and closed my door. I laid down on the floor and putt my ear to the ground, of course they are fighting with each other, I can't stand to have them fighting.  They try not to fight around me but when they do I start crying and run to my closest friends house, but now, the only friends I have are Zayn, and I don't even know where he lives. Which reminds me, I got to text him! He's my buddy or friend, whichever you want to call it. 

I grabbed my phone out and texted, 'Hey Zayn! It's Aurora from school, what's up?'

Not a minute later my phone buzzed to his reply, 'Not a lot, just got home. You?'

I smiled and replied, 'Oh not much either, about to do homework. :)'

'Cool, hey brb, I got to ask my parents something.'

'Ok.' I waited five minutes before I got another text from Zayn saying,

'Hey, my parents said its ok for you to come over and we can do our homework together, if your parents are fine with it, come here!'

His address was below and I saved his address in with his contacts.

I texted him back and said, 'Ok, be over in a couple minutes. :)' 'Ok, see you soon! :D'

I giggled and put my phone in my back pocket, opened my window and climbed down the ladder that was there from the people renovating our house.  I got my car keys out of my backpack, unlocked the car, and got in as fast as I could without my parents noticing. They knew I went out a lot so they didn't recognize it really. I pulled out of the drive way and at the end of the street put the coordinates in to his house on my phones maps and clicked directions. Wow, he lives 30 minutes away; not to bad. I had to escape my house anyways. With my parents fighting it would get much worse.  No one knew about my parents fighting I thought while driving to Zayns' house. I guess I didn't trust any one enough to tell them. 

As I pulled up to his house my jaw dropped. It was huge! The house was beautiful! I mean, our house is nice but this? This is way way nicer. I stopped the car, got out and walked up to the door with my backpack on my back.  I knocked on the door and a couple seconds later Zayn opened the door looking down a little to see me.

"Come in." He said smiling.

"Wow, I love your house, it's beautiful!" I said astounded.

"It's not much."

I glared at him.

"Ok, what ever you think." He smiled.

His smile was so cute! And he is just so sweet. 

"Well, you can take off your shoes here and I'll be upstairs in a minute, my room is the one on the left." He said pointing to a white door. 

"Ok." I replied.

I took off my shoes, walked upstairs, and opened his door. My jaw dropped again, his room was huge, he had a king size bed, a balcony, walk in closet, his own bathroom, and a bunch of instruments. I guess he likes to sing and play guitar. I really didn't know where to sit and I didn't want to mess anything up so I sat on the floor next to his bed; it would work.  A car pulled out the drive way with two people in it and I guessed it was his parents. Looked like they were going on vacation or something. Which meant, Zayn and I were alone. This would be weird yet interesting. A couple minutes later Zayn came upstairs with some drinks and fruit. He looked at me and laughed, I was confused and he could tell.

"You know you can sit on the bed, right?" He asked smiling a half smile.

"I didn't want to mess anything up, everything's just perfect in here." I said.

"My room is kind of messy right now."

"I would deem it clean."

We both laughed as I got up and sat on his bed, it was indeed the most comfortable bed I had ever sat on. Zayn pulled up a miniature table and sat the drinks and food on it. After that he sat down in front of me and grabbed his homework as we started working on it all.  By the time we finished it was about 5:00 pm and I had to go home for dinner. I didn't want to go, I felt safe here with Zayn; at least I would see him tomorrow.  I left his house around 5:30 and it was raining, I forgot a jacket so Zayn took an umbrella out with us to my car and then ran back to his porch and waved bye. I waved bak as I pulled out of the drive way and was on my way back home, thank goodness I found a umbrella in the car.  When I got home it was still raining and I climbed up the ladder, opened the window, and climbed in. I set the umbrella in a plastic bag and set it near the window just in case. I changed into some bed clothes and put my hair up in a messy bun and went down stairs for dinner at 6:30 pm. My mom was just finishing dinner when I came in and dad was sitting at the table with the daily newspaper in his hands. 

"Hey mom, hey dad." I said.

"Hey." They said in unison.

I sat down at the table and we had some chicken and corn on the cob with mashed potatoes. I don't know what happened but, mom and dad started fighting and I was just sitting there trying to eat. Mom told me to go to my room because I ended up crying, I hate when they fight. I ran upstairs and put on the closest pair of shoes and climbed out the window and just ran to the car and closed the door. Luckily I had my phone in the car from earlier and my back pack so happened to be in the car too. I cried in the car and thought of the only place to go. I started driving to Zayns house and when I pulled in I ran up to the door and knocked, a couple seconds later Zayn opened the door and saw me, I was soaked in rain and still crying. He had me come in and he got a towel and wrapped it around me. We stood at the front door for a while as he held me in his arms while I cried.  A couple minutes passed and I was calmed down a little. 

"What's going on?" Zayn asked.

"My mom and dad are fighting, I can't take it." I started crying again. 

"I'm so sorry Aurora." He hugged me and I cried in his arms as he carried me upstairs bridal style and got me something warmer to put on.

He gave me a too big for me tank top and a hoodie and tried to find some too small for him pants but couldn't find any. 

"I can't find any small pants." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"I'm just going to change. Where's the bathroom?" I asked.


We walked me to the bathroom and I cracked the door just in case I started crying again. I changed into the oversized clothes, they looked like a dress in me, they came down to my lower thighs and it was warm and comfie. I re-put my hair back up in a bun and opened the door. The sleeves were too long on me but I didn't care. Zayn was already in his bedclothes and waiting for me to come out. I walked over to him and hugged him, I was so emotional from my parents fighting tonight I started crying again and Zayn was there to hold me again. 

"I'm sorry I'm messing up your hoodie with my tears." I laughed while I still had tears in my eyes.

He chuckled and said, "It's understandable. I can't imagine what it's like though."

"It's terrible." I said muffled in his sweatshirt he was wearing.

I yawned and fell asleep in his arms with one last tear drop on my cheek.  I woke up the next day in Zayns arms. He was cuddling me, I looked around to see him, he looked so peaceful when he slept. I carefully got out of his grasp and sat at the edge of his bed and stretched trying not to wake him up, fail! He grabbed my arm and cuddled me more. I couldn't help but laugh. He opened one eye and smiled.

"Good morning Zayn. Hope I didn't keep you up with me crying." I said.

"You didn't, it was just your snoring." He said convincingly. 

"I didn't know I snored!" I exclaimed.

"You don't snore, I was joking Aurora."

"Oh." I laughed. 

It was 5:00 am and we had to be at the school by 9:00 am. 

"We have bunches of time." Zayn said.

"Mmmm. Have in mind, I didn't bring any extra clothes for school you know." 

"Mmm." He said looking in my eyes.

We were still laying on the bed facing each other. I turned around and he pulled me closer. 

"We got to get up." I sighed.

"No." He said sadly. I started to escape from his grasp when he started tickling me.

"Stop!" I laughed. I couldn't stop laughing for a couple minutes, tears started to form from laughing to much, that's when he stopped. I whipped the tears away while giggling. Then I leaped out of bed.

"I escaped!" I exclaimed.

"Oh no you didn't!" Zayn got up and chased me.

"Oh crap!" I ran out of his room and down the stairs to his kitchen as he caught up with me and grabbed me by the waist.

"No!" I yelled.

"Muahahaha!" He laughed evilly. 

I bursted out laughing and so did he. We were like best friends. And so goofy together. 

"You know if we go to my house now my parents will still be asleep so I can get multiple pairs of clothes and I can stay here for a while so they have there space to calm down from their furry." I said.

"Hmmm." Zayn thought.

"I've got keys Zayn." I smirked.

By this time he had set me down, and we were near the front door. I ran out the door to the car and waited. He came out soon after and motioned for my keys. I tossed them to him and got in the passengers seat, I still had my clothes on from last night, and so did Zayn.  He turned on my car and asked for my home address. I put it in his phone and clicked directions. And we were in our way to my house. We turned on the radio on a low volume and Justin Bieber was on singing 'Baby'. I didn't particularly care for Justin, but his music was catchy. Zayn didn't like Justin though so we changed the station and 'Let Me Love You' was playing. Apparently Zayn knew the song because he started softly singing it. His voice just sounded amazing, my heart melted as he sung. I couldn't even sing like that, he was amazing.  We reached my house and everything was quiet. We parked in my driveway quickly and I got out and motioned for him to come with me. We bothe silently climbed up the ladder, well I was barefooted, so it was cold. I opened my window and climbed in and Zayn came in after me. I quietly turned on my light and grabbed my clothes for today and three more days, so a school week. I grabbed my duffle zebra stripe bag and put the clothes in there and grabbed a couple pairs of shoes. I put my rain boots on since it was suppose to rain today and it was already wet outside. Then I went to my bathroom and got my makeup bag and a couple other things, like my shower things and my hair stuff.  After that I went in my room again and put it all in the duffle bag. Zayn was looking at my drawings on my desk, they were in frames, I forgot about those. I don't usually leave them out in the open, but I forgot.  Good thing I had hidden my acoustic guitar and my keyboard stand and the keyboard itself was under my bed. No one could see those. I smiled and tapped on his shoulder. 

"You are an amazing artist." He smiled.

"Thanks." I said, "I'm ready."

"Let's go then."

He set down what I guessed to be his favorite picture. I grabbed the picture and stuck it in my purse and Zayn had already opened the window. He climbed  part way down and I handed him my duffle bag. He carried it to the car as I grabbed my rain boots in my hand and climbed out and closed the window. I climbed down and put my rain boots on at the bottom of the ladder. I had no socks on because the ladder had rain drops on it. I put the rain boots on and walked to the car and got in the passengers side. By this time it was 6:00 am and we got back to his house by 6:40 am.

"I never told you, but I have never felt so safe around any other place but here." I said blushing.

"That's good." He said smiling. We walked up to the door and walked in and got ready for school. As we left for school I secretly put the picture on his bed and left his room and got in my car. I was driving to school and Zayn sat in the passenger seat. We arrived at school with shock on our faces.

"What?!" I exclaimed.

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