One Direction: Zayn Version

Aurora is a new kid at school. When she meets Zayn Malik, soon going to the X Factor, she developes feelings for him! What will happen as these two friends develop strong feelings for each other and neither one of them knows the other likes them? Will Zayn or Aurora tell each other or will one of them chicken out? Will they ever get to be with eachother like they want to be? Or will someone get in the way? Find out by reading!

This fanfiction starts before the boys are famous but are about to go to the X Factor auditions! Enjoy!


13. Love

Niall's POV

I ran as fast as I could to the car and flung the door open, Aurora's head was on the wheel and her head was starting to bleed. I laid her head back on the seat and grabbed her out of the car and took her to my car.

"Wake up! Please! Aurora! You can't leave me! I. I. I love you Aurora!" I cried to her.

Did I just say that?! I, I just said I loved Zayn's girlfriend! What's wrong with me! But I do love her! I shouldn't be sorry. I kissed her forehead and drove as fast as I could to the closest hospital and carried her into the ER.

"HELP ME! She was in a crash in the middle of the woods, and her head is bleeding!" I cried.

A nurse ran up with a moving bed, I laid her on the bed and they put an IV in her while I just held her hand and tears ran down my face. They started moving her to a room and as they went into a room a nurse came and told me I couldn't go with her past that point.

"Please!" I cried, "I-I love her!" I said.

"Sir, I'm sorry but I can not let you past this point we will notify you first when you can come in." She said calmly.

I saw a tear forming in her eye. I nodded and she guided me to a seat and asked me to explain what had happened. So I told her about Zayn and Perrie and then Aurora getting mad and going off and she was probably tired and fell asleep and crashed into a tree in the woods and we were trying to find her and all. Eleanor tried to calm me down but it didn't work, she ended up just holding me in her arms and rocking me back and forth while I cried like a baby. Danielle eventually came and sat by me and rubbed my back. The guys just sat in the seats beside the girls and were silent. A nurse came up to me and pulled me aside.

"Sir, come with me." Confused I followed.

We went down a hallway and into a room, Aurora was tossing in the bed mumbling something.

"She's been saying your name ever since we got her in here." She said.

"What?" I said and looked over at her.

"Yes, you can stay in here. Are those other people her friends?"

"Yes, but can you give me 10 minutes alone please." I said.


She closed the door as I walked over to Aurora and sat down beside her. I grabbed her hand.

"Niall? Niall?" She mumbled.

"I'm here, I'm here." I said.

Her eyes squeezed and a smile grew on her face. She fluttered her eyes and her blue eyes shone bright. She looked at me and smiled.

"Hey." I said as a tear trickled down my cheek.

She whipped my tear and smiled.

"Hi." She said weakly.

Aurora's POV

"Hi." I said weakly.

I don't know who this boy is, but he's cute and he makes me smile. Where am I, and why am I here? Mostly who is this gorgeous boy standing beside me. I just smiled.

"How do you feel?" He asked.

"Better. But, do I know you?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm Niall? I'm your friend, I'm in a band. You, you don't remember me?" He asked confused.

"No. I-I don't even know my name." I said shaking my head.

He started to cry, no, not him, he can't cry. He's too cute!

"But, I do know one thing," I said, "you are probably the nicest guy I probably knew before now."

I smiled and a tear trickled down my cheek.

"I'll be right back. Ok?" He said.

"No! Don't leave me alone. I'm-I'm scared." I said. He turned back toward me, sat beside me and held my hand.

"I have to get a doctor, they told me to get a doctor once you were awake. I promise I'll be back in one minute." He said smiling.

I nodded my head and he got up to get a doctor.

Niall's POV

She doesn't remember anything? Not even me! It broke my heart, I started to cry but she assured me.

"I'll be right back. Ok?" I said.

"No! Don't leave me alone. I'm, I'm scared." Aurora said.

I turned back toward her, sat beside her and held Aurora's hand.

"I have to get a doctor, they told me to get a doctor once you were awake. I promise I'll be back in one minute." I said smiling.

She nodded her head so I got up to get a doctor. I found a nurse, told her, and she went to go get a doctor. I went back to Aurora, sat beside her, and held her hand. She smiled.

Aurora's POV

He came back in the room and sat beside me, I just smiled.

"Why don't I remember you?" I said.

"I don't know." He said.

"Oh." I looked over at the window.

"Your name is Aurora." He said.

I looked at him again but confused.

"You have a boyfriend. But it's not me." He said frowning.

"I wish you were." I said, "Then I'd probably remember you."

Then a doctor came in and he had to leave, his name is Niall I think. That's what he said, right?

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