One Direction: Zayn Version

Aurora is a new kid at school. When she meets Zayn Malik, soon going to the X Factor, she developes feelings for him! What will happen as these two friends develop strong feelings for each other and neither one of them knows the other likes them? Will Zayn or Aurora tell each other or will one of them chicken out? Will they ever get to be with eachother like they want to be? Or will someone get in the way? Find out by reading!

This fanfiction starts before the boys are famous but are about to go to the X Factor auditions! Enjoy!


9. Kisses

Zayns P.O.V

"I dare you to kiss Zayn on the lips." Harry said smiling.

"What?!" Aurora exclaimed.

I just rubbed the back of my neck and looked at Harry giving him a 'seriously dude!' look. She looked at me and I looked at her. 

"Wait, I want to get a picture!" Niall said.

I mentally face palmed my face. Why was everyone making a big deal. Oh yeah I told them I liked her; dumbie me. Aurora looked confused, she shook it off and Niall said he was ready.  She looked at me and I looked at her eyes, like she was waiting for me to make a move. I scooted over a little and she leaned in and so did I. I closed my eyes and kissed her; it was amazing. I was waiting for a kiss like this except not for a dare, I had to tell her today, I love her. This kiss just won't go out of my mind until I know for sure if she likes me or not.  We were still kissing, how long did Harry dare her to kiss me? Oh yea. 30 seconds. I was really enjoying this. There were "Oohs!" in the room and of course Niall was taking pictures, I think. And on my phone. It's kinda weird though being able to see it over again and again. We stopped kissing a couple seconds later when there was a beep. 

"Wow, that was. Interesting." Harry said with wide eyes. 

"You two would be such a cute couple." Louis said smiling.

  I looked at them. They knew, and they were using it to their advantage. 

"30 seconds is actually pretty long." Liam said.

"Oh shush! I'd have you kissing your girl in a millisecond if she was here." Aurora said smirking.

I wonder what she was thought while we were kissing. I'll tell her tonight when everyone goes to bed. It was 6:00 pm now and we were all hungry. So we ordered pizza and ate it and watched a movie, Aurora went to go get something in the kitchen, Liam nudged me and I went. I was going to tell her now, I couldn't stand it any longer.  I walked into the kitchen and she was reaching for a cup, I put my hand on her waist and grabbed it for her. she turned around and smiled at me.

"I need to talk to you." I said.

Auroras P.O.V

Niall wanted to take pictures of us kissing, uh, ok? I had been waiting for a kiss like this for a while, Zayn and I kissing. I just didn't want it to be forced like this was.  Zayn scooted closer and I leaned in and so did he, I closed my eyes and kissed him, 30 seconds. Sparks flew inside me as I knew this, Zayn and I were meant to be or something. I loved him so much. I wanted to just wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him forever.  It felt almost perfect, I enjoyed every second. There was a beep and and we pulled away from each other. 

"Wow, that was. Interesting." Harry said with wide eyes. 

"You two would be such a cute couple." Louis said smiling. 

I looked at them, the Zayn who was looking at them. 

"30 seconds is actually pretty long." Liam said.

"Oh shush! I'd have you kissing your girl in a millisecond if she was here." I said smirking.

I meant what I said, it was around 6:00 and we were all hungry, I ordered pizza and when it got here we all sat down and watched a movie. Part way through the movie I was thirsty so I got up and went to the kitchen. I walked to the cabinet and opened it, the cups were so darn high, I started reaching for one and someone came up behind me and put their hand on my waist, which made butterflies erupt in my stomach, they reached up and grabbed the exact cup I wanted. I turned around, it was Zayn, I smiled.

"I need to talk to you" Zayn said.

My smile faded, I thought about my wrists earlier and dropped my head. He pulled my head up to face his.

"I-I'm sorry Zayn, I don't know what over came me. And I lied about why I cut myself." I said looking down at the floor.

"That's not what I was going to talk about Aurora." He said.

I looked up at him confused.


Zayn looked at Aurora.

"Then what were you going to say?" Aurora asked.

"Well." Zayn said rubbing the back of his neck. 

Aurora just looked at him confused and hopeful he liked her.

"Zayn, I-I really like you."

"Aurora, listen to me I love you" Zayn and Aurora said at the same time.

Aurora looked at Zayn confused. 

"What?" Aurora asked.

"Just." Zayn said.

Zayns P.O.V

She actually liked me! I was so happy, but confused.

"What?" She asked.

"Just." I said I sighed and pulled a piece of a fallen piece of her hair behind her ear and kissed her, her face cupped in my hands, this was a kiss I would be better with. 

Auroras P.O.V

He put a fallen piece of hair back behind my ear and kissed me, I couldn't believe it. He loved me too. I kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck and stayed there. He pulled me in closer and I giggled. He smiled while kissing me and continued. I ran my fingers through his hair as we stood there just kissing each other. We kissed until we needed to breath again. 

"I love you so much Aurora." Zayn said whispering in my ear sending me crazy.

"Shhh." I whispered.

I placed a finger on his lips. He gave a look like he ate something sour and pulled my finger away and kissed me again, passionately I enjoyed these kisses. It made me crazy, today was the best day ever yet. We kissed for a while until we were interrupted by someone falling. Zayn and I broke apart and looked to see Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam on the floor from falling.

"I GOT IT ALL ON VIDEO!" Harry exclaimed.

I blushed, my arms still around Zayns neck and looked at him. We was looking at me, smiling, gosh that smile. His one arm was around my waist that pulled me closer to him and the other was now on the counter top as it used to be placed on my face.  The boys realized that they were interrupting us so they tip toes out. I giggled at their failed attempt and looked back at Zayn. 

"I guess that means we've been caught." I said.

"I guess so darling." Zayn said.

"So what does this mean?" I ask pointing to how we are holding each other.

"I guess it means that. Aurora Jones, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked.

"Hmmmm." I said.

"Oh come on!" He said already knowing my answer.

"Yes." I whisper as I kissed him.

"Mmm." Zayn said, "We should go back in the room with our parental supervisors."

I laughed, "I guess we should." 

We walked back into the room and the movie was almost over, oops! Zayn had his arm around my waist and when we sat down I cuddled up to him and we were holding hands. This was perfect. 

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