One Direction: Zayn Version

Aurora is a new kid at school. When she meets Zayn Malik, soon going to the X Factor, she developes feelings for him! What will happen as these two friends develop strong feelings for each other and neither one of them knows the other likes them? Will Zayn or Aurora tell each other or will one of them chicken out? Will they ever get to be with eachother like they want to be? Or will someone get in the way? Find out by reading!

This fanfiction starts before the boys are famous but are about to go to the X Factor auditions! Enjoy!


10. Bed Time

Auroras P.O.V

The movie ended and everyone was tired, Zayn gave the boys their room to stay in for the night and they went to their separate rooms.

"Don't be doing anything bad tonight Zayn." Niall said pointing at us.

We just laughed at him and he closed his door. Zayn and I went up to our room and got ready for bed, I changed into his sweatshirt and left it at that. Just a sweatshirt and my undergarments. I climbed in bed as Zayn got in to. I just laid down facing away from him and he cuddled close to me. I turned around to face him and he was looking at me. I smiled.

"No funny business tonight." I said tiredly.

"So no kisses?" Zayn asked.

I sighed and kissed him, we made out really. He was over me and we were kissing. It was also really warm under the covers from our body heat. 

"Don't take this the wrong way." I said as I took the hoodie off.

"It is warm. I understand." He said.

We continued kissing, well really making out. I fell asleep while kissing him, kind of weird.  I woke up the next day with Zayn cuddling me. I smiled, was last night a dream? I asked myself. I didn't have my hoodie on. Nope, not a dream. I heard people rustling around downstairs. I turned around and faced Zayn. I smiled and kissed him, waking him up, he kissed me back and I got on top of him. His hands were on my hips and my hands were running through his hair. We paused for a little.

"The boys are up." I said frowning.

"Then we can't make too much noise." My jaw dropped.

"Not like that babe." Zayn said.

He kissed me and rolled over where he was on top now. I let one leg slide down and lay on the bed while the other was at Zayns side. Zayn had one hand on my leg and the other supporting him. There was no escaping his grip, I just kissed him back.  We were not covered by blankets so you saw what we had on. Zayn had some boxers on while I had a bra and underwear on. This was our limit for the time being. Maybe when we get married we will have kids. But for now, this is where we stood. I finally rolled him over and I was back on top, Zayn had his hands on my legs now. I felt his, umm. You know what I mean. It wasn't the first time though. Well, it was inevitable, I mean I was sitting on him basically.  After a couple minutes we just laid beside each other holding each other in our arms. I got up and took a shower and got ready. While I was getting ready Zayn was in the shower and then got ready him self. As we went downstairs our arms swung as we were holding hands. 

"Finally! I'm hungry!" Niall said.

He's always hungry, I thought. I went and made some breakfast and Zayn came up behind me and put his arms around my waist. Every time he held me like this I could feel that. We weren't going to though.  A couple months had passed and the boys band became pretty popular, news about Zayn and I got around and I got my Twitter blown up by all the posts. It shocked me how mean some of these fans were! It was kind of funny though. Zayn was gone a lot because the band was so popular, he had so many concerts but the tour was coming to an end soon and I'd get to spend more time with him so I was happy, we Face Timed every day no matter what. We texted, called, anything. I loved him so much. I could never get mad at him. And if I did, it would be long.  It has been a year since we started dating, funny how time flys. We were both 18 and Perrie has been back every once and a while to say her feelings for him, saying she still loves him. I just blow it off though, she can't have him. 

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