Standing close to the edge

When Mckenna's best friend takes her to Nandos for her birthday she never would of thought she'd meet one direction. Will she be able to handle the pop star life or will she be put on the back burner.


6. you again

Perrie showed up in a red sports car, followed by at least 10 other cars full of paparazzi. Zayn looked at me disheartened as he let go of my hand. Harry also walked away from Ash when he saw Perrie brought Alyssa. Perrie walked right over to Zayn and kissed him.  Zayn pushed her away but she grabbed his shirt and held on tight. When I realized he didn’t have his jacket on I snuck into the back yard back to the fire pit. There I began to cry. About 5 minutes later I felt my phone vibrate again. It was Niall.


“Have fun with paparazzi. Im walking home.”

“Do you even know where we are :P “

“its called maps”

“Kenna look up.”

I did as instructed and saw Niall standing in front of me. He  smiled.

“What are you doing here?” I asked embarrassed he saw me crying.

“Here’s a little song I wrote.” He smiled as he sang beautifully

“Stop it Niall.” I laughed

“You might want to sing it note for note.” He sat down beside me still singing

“Niall James Horan!” I laughed

“Don’t worry, be Happy.” he smiled giving me a hug I desperately needed.

“You’re such a dork!” I giggled

“But I’m still fanaminiall.”He joked

“Funny.” I smiled

Niall walked with me back to the front just when all the paparazzi was leaving. With Perrie and Alyssa thankfully. Zayn ran to me and swept me in his arms.

“McKenna Jace Anderson.” He smiled putting me down

“I said don’t call me that.” I smiled hugging him hoping I never had to let go

“I will until I think of a nick name for you.” He said kissing the top of my head

We finally managed to leave the party. We were half way home before Zayn said anything else to me.

“McKenna, I’m so sorry.” He grabbed my hand with his free one

“For what?”

“Tonight, it was supposed to be fun. I should of handled the Perrie thing before asking you out. I just didn’t want you to think I didn’t like you, because I really really do and I just I don’t know.” He sounded like he was going to cry

“Zayn, it’s not your fault you’re an amazing singer and always have paparazzi around you. It’s not your fault Perrie likes attention. Zayn I really like you too. I just can’t see you with her. That’s what kills me when she kisses you the way I do the way she pretends to look at you like I do. I just hate having you being able to compare us.” Now it was my turn to almost cry

Zayn pulled the car over got out (in the rain might I add) and opened my car door. He pulled me out of the car. He picked me up and twirled me around and kissed me. That moment was from a movie it wasn’t happening to me. These things don’t happen to small town girls like me. But it was. And I loved every single minute of it.

“McKenna Jace Anderson, no one could ever compare to you. Or compare to the way you look at me, and especially to the way you kiss me.” He smiled and kissed me again

We finally got back to Harry and Zayn’s room and Harry and Ashleigh were passed out on the bed not even under the covers or changed, I laughed and followed Zayn to his part of the room. I immediately sat on his bed. He took off his shirt and traded his black pants for a pair of sweat pants. I looked away so he could change but I don’t think that me watching would of stopped him from changing.

“Sleeping in that beautiful dress? Classy.” He joked sitting next to me.

“No, I’m just too lazy to go to the bathroom and change.” I laughed.

“I’ll look away.” He said playfully covering his eyes like little kids would playing hide and go seek. He spread his fingers apart so he could peek.

“No peeking.” I laughed getting my Pjs out of my bag.

“Damn it.” Zayn laughed burying his head into a pillow.

I quickly slipped out of my dress and into my blue Aéropostalé sweatpants and I threw on a green tank top. “You can look now.” I joked making two thumbs up and sticking my tongue out at him.

“Say cheese.” He said taking a picture quickly before I moved

“Zayn! Delete that!” I said jumping on top of him trying to get his phone.

“No I like it.” He said turning his phone off and throwing it onto the computer chair.

“You’re so mean!” I crawled to the end of his bed and folded my arms

“Is someone mad?” He teased giving me a hug from behind

I just glared at him, but he gave me his puppy dog face and made me smile.

“You’re a brat you know that?” I turned on the bed so I could face him.

“But I’m your brat.” He smiled playing with the frays of my sweatpants.

I crawled back up to the top of the bed and threw the remote at Zayn.

“Ow.” He said playfully joining me at the top. “That wasn’t nice.” He smiled

“Now we’re even.” I smiled sitting on his lap.

“So, what’s good on TV, babe?”

“Nothing usually at this time of night. I usually turn on On Demand.”

“Well you’re not very helpful.” He teased as he began to flip through the channels. He finally saw an interview they did a week or two ago. “Is this okay?” he asked

“Sure.” I smiled.

About half way through the interview Zayn fell asleep. I got off his lap and snuggled with him. I was about to turn off the TV when I saw a picture of Zayn and Perrie pop up.

“Zayn, are you really in love with Miss. Perrie Edwards?” The host asked.

“Yeah, I mean I’m with her 24/7. She’s funny and sweet, she completes me.” He smiled.

“AWWWWWEEEEE!” I heard the crowd yell .

I couldn’t take anymore so I turned it off. I sat up and looked at him. Why was I putting myself through this? I started to cry and I must of woke Zayn up because the next thing I felt was his warm arms around me.

“McKenna?” he spun me around

“Zayn, I don’t know what to do.” I laid my head on his shoulder trying to stop crying.

He lifted my head up so I was looking into his eyes “I promise, everything will work just please don’t cry anymore.”

I nodded and just let him hold me for a while. We lied back down and he held me close to him. I’ve never trusted anyone I just met before. But I felt safe with Zayn. “Goodnight beautiful.” He whispered into my ear before he fell asleep. I finally allowed myself to do the same.

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