Standing close to the edge

When Mckenna's best friend takes her to Nandos for her birthday she never would of thought she'd meet one direction. Will she be able to handle the pop star life or will she be put on the back burner.


2. the start of something new

“I couldn’t help but notice you in Nandos.”Hesmiled his sexy smile.

“I’m not sure why.” I laughed quietly

“There isn’t any way I could have your numberis there? I mean this isn’t the ideal place I guess.” He chuckled and pulledout his phone and handed it to me.

This was seriously happening. I pulled out mineand gave it to him. “Only if I can have yours.” I flirted back. He took it andwinked. I put my name in as McKenna Jace Anderson. My name obviously but Iwasn’t sure what to put it in as. We switched back phones and I turned away ashe looked into my eyes. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, smiled, thenjumped out of the clothing rack. This cannot be happening. I got out of therack only to see Ashleigh getting Harry to sign a jacket she just bought. Theother boys were leaving the store except Zayn. He waited for Harry and was lastto leave. Before he shut the door he pointed to his cell phone and smiled. Ilooked at Ashleigh.

“Kenna, why on earth did you not attack Zayn?!That was him! You were right!” she jumped up and down holding her hoodie.

“He attacked me.” I smiled exiting the storeforgetting all about the hoodie I liked.

She ran out of the store and stopped me beforeI could get in the car. She stared at me, the all so familiar stare from bandclass that said “TELL ME NOW”.  So on ourway home I told her what had happened as she told me about her adventuremeeting Harry.

“They all just came up to me and said hey we’reone direction, as If I didn’t already know! I was so excited I didn’t evenrealize Zayn wasn’t there. The other boys began to leave the store but I askedHarry to sign my hoodie.” She placed the bag onto my lap motioning me to openit. I was about to when I heard Zayn singing Tell me a lie from my purse. Thiswas my “oh look someone’s calling you” ringtone. I got it out of my purse to see“Call from <3 Zayn <3”

“Nice name for him Kenn.”Ash teased.

“He put it in here like that.” I smiled as Ianswered the phone.

“Hi.” He said in his sexy British accent.

“Zayn? I asked”

“Yeah, McKenna Jace Anderson?” he kind of laughed

“Yup, you can call me Kenna, everyone does.”

“Well then I need my own nickname for you. “

“Do you now?” I laughed

“Yup, I’ll decide that once I actually talk toyou not in a clothes rack.” He laughed

“Oh, okay.” I laughed sarcastically.

“So what are you doing tomorrow around noon?”he asked sheepishly

“Well, I’m sleeping over my best friend’s housetonight so I’ll probably be there.”

“Great! Do you guys want to come over to ourhotel? We plan on going to a party at like 9:30 so we could spend the daytogether. Please say yes.” He begged

“Yeah! That’d be awesome”

“I’ll text you the directions. See you tomorrowbeautiful.”


“Ashleigh we need to go dress shopping.” Idemanded

“And why is that?”

“Zayn just asked us to go to their hoteltomorrow so they can take us to a party.”

“This is seriously amazing.”

“AmaZAYN.”I corrected her laughing.

When we got to Ashleigh’s house I texted my momasking if I could go to a party with Aaron and Ashleigh tomorrow then sleepoverat Aaron’s, she said yes and so did Ashleigh’s Mom. Honestly I don’t know wherewe will go after the party but it was a safety net just in case. Ashleigh and Istayed up only until 12:30. It’s very easy for us to pull all-nighters but weboth wanted to be well rested for tomorrow.

We both woke up at 6:30 am. I helped AshleighStraighten her hair and she curled mine since it is impossible for me to curlmy own hair and it look pretty. At 7:00 I got a text from Zayn.

“Good morning beautiful<3 Are you up?”

“You know this is McKenna right not Perrie? And yesI have been J”

“Please tell me you don’t believe the Perriething?”

“What do you mean?”

“Perrie isn’t really my girlfriend. It’s just anact that my manager thought of same with Harry and that one chick that hasrumors going around.”

“You don’t understand how happy I am right now J lol”

“well im going to get ready ttyl gorgeous”


“Harry is single Ash its just an act and so isZayn!”I rolled off the bed in excitement

“Yes, Just Yes Kenn!”

We ended up going to IHop for breakfastAshleigh ordered a latte and banana foster French toast and I ordered hotchocolate with strawberry banana crepes. I love French food. I’ve always wantedto go since I was 10.  We finished up andcalled Zayn.

“Hey beautiful, I was just about to call you.Is there any way you guys could come over now? We’re all ready and bored.” helaughed

“Yeah, that’s good. We’ll be over in a coupleminutes. Do you guys want anything while we are out?”

“No gorgeous we don’t need anything but youguys here to keep us company.”

“Well, alrighty then we’ll see you in like 10minutes.”

“Alright beautiful see you soon.”

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