Standing close to the edge

When Mckenna's best friend takes her to Nandos for her birthday she never would of thought she'd meet one direction. Will she be able to handle the pop star life or will she be put on the back burner.


5. the party

We drove to this huge mansion. I didn’t even think we had houses like this in Pennsylvania! We pulled into the driveway Zayn opened the door for me as the other boys did for their girlfriends. Niall showed up with a skinny girl in a canary yellow dress. She had medium length curly brown hair. He introduced her as Kami. She didn’t really talk to anyone except for Niall that night but it was probably just her nerves. We went into the mansion and we were greeted by a boy named Richard.

“Hello! I’m so glad you guys could make it!” He said giving Louis a hug.

“Good to see you Ricky!” Louis said as he motioned us all to follow him.

“That’s Louis’ cousin.” Zayn whispered to me as we followed Louis and Eleanor.

Louis took us into this one room that literally looked like it should be in a club.  For the first hour and a half we danced and fist pumped and had so much fun. I honestly don’t remember ever having that much fun. Kami just sat on the side and made Niall sit by her. He looked absolutely miserable! Zayn was getting us some punch so I went over to Kami and took her by the hands.

“Come dance.” I smiled pulling her off the seat. Once Danielle saw me get her on the dance floor she took over into her super friendly mode. Niall mouthed thank you as he ran over to Liam.

“One fruit punch.” Zayn smiled handing me my drink.

“Thank you.” I smiled back.

Zayn took my free hand and dragged me into what looked like a restaurant. ( but it was really Ricky’s dining room)

“Are you having fun?” Zayn asked me as if he was expecting a no

“Of course I am, I’m with you.” I smiled grabbing his hand across the table.

He looked up with a worried expression.

“Zayn what’s wrong?”

“Just, nothing, I’m ready to go home.” He said hiding his face

“You’re not having fun?” I asked him truly surprised.

“No, it’s not that. Just, I didn’t realize Ricky invited Perrie.” I couldn’t exactly read him right now but I could tell there was more than what he was telling me

“Zayn, tell me.” I said slightly angry now but not at him just the thought of her.

“If she comes, I can guarantee paparazzi. Which means,” he paused

“Which means I can’t be your girlfriend here.” I finished his sentence trying not to cry. 

“ McKenna, don’t cry.” Zayn now got out of his seat and sat in front of my chair.

“Zayn, is this even going to work?” I asked as he wiped away a tear that was falling down my face.

“McKenna, as soon as I saw you I knew you’re the only girl I ever want to be with. Perrie means absolutely nothing to me.”

“I’m not going to share my boyfriend Zayn.”

“But you’re not sharing. Perrie doesn’t like me and I hate her.” He said trying to make me laugh

“This is illegal anyway.” I tried to joke back. He smiled and rolled his eyes.  

“McKenna stop. I want to leave anyway. Do you want to?”

“But I was having fun. The boys and I are actually becoming friends. I don’t want to sacrifice my fun because she’s a brat.” I know that made him feel bad just from the way his eyes got all big.

“I’ll handle it then.” He said giving me a kiss. “I have to make a phone call outside.”

“Need company?” I smiled

“It’s cold out there.” He smiled

“I’ve lived here my whole life. I’m used to being cold.” I laughed as he took my hand and we walked to the back yard.

I sat on the cement bench that had been placed next to Ricky’s beautiful fire pit. Zayn sat next to me and pulled out his phone. I couldn’t help but to notice his background was the picture of us kissing by the waterfront.  This made me smile. Everything about Zayn and what he did made me smile. While Zayn dialed Perrie’s number my phone vibrated. It was a text from Niall.

“Hey where’d ya go L”

“Outside with Zayn <3 J”

“Hurry Kams being a scrooge again -.-“

“Where’s Danielle?”

“I’ll find her -.- meanie.”

I smiled but frowned again when I heard Zayn arguing with Perrie.

“I don’t want this! Date Niall or something. I don’t want to play this anymore!” He went to stand up but I grabbed his jacket as if asking him to stay. He sat down and looked at me with his dark brown eyes. I could read him like book. “Perrie! If you come I’ll just break up with you in front of the paparazzi!” “Bye Perrie!” he threw his phone over into the grass and buried his face into his hands.

“Zayn, do you want to leave? I mean there’s only about an hour or so left of the party anyway.” I tried faking a smile

“No, she’ll just go to the hotel.” He said looking up “I just really don’t know what to do.” He looked at me as if I was going to offer an answer.

“Do whatever your heart tells you.” I forced a smile trying to make him feel better.

He leaned over and kissed me. It felt like hours had gone by when I heard my phone go off and the kiss finally ended. It was Niall calling me.

“Hey Kenns, where you guys at?”

“The backyard.”

 “Well we’re all leaving you  guys coming?”

I put hand against my phone. “Zayn they’re leaving you want to?”

He jumped up “Yeah!” he smiled

“Yeah meet you out front.” I hung up “Go get your phone.” I laughed as he took my hand to come with him.

Zayn saw the goose bumps on my arms and gave me varsity jacket.  I could smell his cologne on it and in that moment it didn’t feel like I was dating Zayn Malik from one direction. It felt like I was dating the love of my life, the one I’ll grow old with. The one that is mine and only mine. We made our way to the front to see the others standing in their little circle formation. I noticed Kami wasn’t there.

“Niall, where’s Kami?” I asked dragging Zayn along with me “

“She said parties weren’t her thing and left.” Niall said shrugging it off like it was nothing.

“Alrighty then.” I laughed.

Ashleigh walked over to me and Zayn she had on Harry’s blazer.

“Can you believe this Kenn, we just went to a party with one direction the second day we knew them.” she said has Harry wrapped his arms around her. 

“No I can’t.” I laughed turning around to face Zayn.

We all turned to start loading into our cars when she arrived.

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