Standing close to the edge

When Mckenna's best friend takes her to Nandos for her birthday she never would of thought she'd meet one direction. Will she be able to handle the pop star life or will she be put on the back burner.


9. the inteveiw

We managed to get out of the hotel and into our cars. I saw Ashleigh and Harry in front of us. Niall rode in the back of our car and Liam Louis and Eleanor were in their car. When we got to the studio the boys immediately went to hair and makeup leaving Ashleigh, Eleanor, and I in the off stage lounge.

“I never really introduced myself to you.” Eleanor came over and smiled

 I laughed. “I’m McKenna. But please call me Kenna or Kens or something like that.” I smiled

“Well, obviously I’m Eleanor.” She smiled. “but call me E.”

Ashleigh and Eleanor were really close already. I guess me being with Danielle it gave Eleanor a chance to meet Ashleigh. The boys came into the lounge room and sat down.

“How long do you guys have baby?” E asked Louis after he leaned down and kissed her.

“3 minutes.” He smiled back at her.

Zayn took the seat next to me and squeezed my hand. “Are you ready for this?” he asked as if he wasn’t

“Yup.” I smiled.  Zayn gave me a quick kiss then followed Liam, Louis and Harry off stage to wait for their cue. 

Niall came over to me. “Good luck hug?” He asked holding his arms out.

“Of course!” I smiled giving him a hug.

“Check your phone.” He smiled as he ran to join the others.

E and Ashleigh kind of stared at me. “What?”  I asked as I sat back down

“ I’ve never seen him do that before.” E said fixing her hair.


“Just, the way he acts around you. He really trusts you.” She smiled then turned to start talking to Ashleigh. I thought this was a good time to check my phone.

“Dear McKenna Jace Anderson, We’ve gotten really close these last two days and I was wondering if you would give me the honor of being your best friend. Respond after we get off stageJ Love, Niall.”

He is such a sweetheart! This made me smile. I walked out of the lounge and watched the interview from the offstage entrance.

“So Louis, how’s Eleanor?” The Hostess smiled

“Lovely.” He smiled pulling out a picture of them out of his wallet.

“AWWWEEEE” the crowd chimed in

“That is adorable!” she said “And how about Danielle Liam?”

“Well, she’s out of town right now. She had to fly back home for her cousin’s graduation. Not gonna lie its been different without her.” He smiled playing with her ponytail on his wrist.

“AWWWEEE” the crowd again said in sync.

“Zayn.” She smiled

“Yes ma’am.” He smiled back

“How’s Perrie?” She smiled. “We have pictures from last night of you two love birds.” She said pointing to the screen above her that flashed pictures of them from last night.

“Well, actually. It’s a funny story.” All of the boys looked at him with worried faces.

“Is it do share.” The Hostess said

“Actually we broke up. It just wasn’t what we both thought it was. We were caught in lust and didn’t really see out actual selves. We weren’t who we thought we were and mutually agreed it’d be best to break up.” He said leaning back on the couch proud of his answer.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” She frowned

“I’m not. I’m glad, now I’ll be able to find someone who actually loves me.” He looked in my direction. All I could do was smile.

“Well good for you Zayn. So you guys have been together for two years now. How does that feel?” I stopped listening and ran into the lounge room.

“What happened?” Ashleigh jumped up and walked over to me

“Zayn just said him and Perrie broke up, on live TV!” Ashleigh gave me a huge hug. I miss her I haven’t had a full conversation with her sense she met Harry.  I looked over at Eleanor but her facial expression wasn’t the same as mine.

“Kenna did you think about how this will affect him?” she asked sternly

“I didn’t tell him to do that E.”

“Well, of course not! But after your hissy fits the last two days what was he supposed to do?”

“Excuse me?” I said

“ I don’t expect you to understand you’re like what 13?”

“I’m 15? Why’d you get all stern?”

“Because, now that you’re dating Zayn everything you do affects him, and affects the band. You have to think.” She ended it at that and started talking to Ashleigh again.

I texted Danielle the rest of the interview. She told me E sometimes gets like that and not to take it personally. The boys were finally done with their interview. Zayn came running off stage and gave me the biggest hug ever. “It’s done.” He smiled

“Thank you.” I smiled as he wouldn’t let me go from his hug. He finally let go and as soon as he did his phone went off. The boys kind of stared at Zayn as if they all were asking who it was. “Perrie.” He made a face then answered it. I pulled out my phone and decided now would be a good time to text Niall.

“Of course sillyJ”

I tried not to stare at him but I wanted to see his reaction to the text. He smiled his cute brace face smile. (Braces made him 10X cuter just saying) and then looked up at me. I smiled back then returned to listening to Zayn.

“I know but I told you. I warned you Perrie.” He mocked her waiting for her to finish talking “Whatever Perrie it’s over and done with. Goodbye.” He hung up and smiled.

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