Standing close to the edge

When Mckenna's best friend takes her to Nandos for her birthday she never would of thought she'd meet one direction. Will she be able to handle the pop star life or will she be put on the back burner.


3. Im only dreaming now

We got in Ashleigh’s car and drove to the location Zayn sent me. When we got here Zayn and Harry were sitting on the sidewalk like two lost puppies. Harry saw Ashleigh in her striped tied top and jean shorts and his jaw dropped. She, as always, looked absolutely stunning. She walked over to him and they started to talk about random things I stopped paying attention. Zayn came over to the car and opened the door. I was wearing a white halter top with jean shorts. Zayn took my hand and helped me out of the KIA. He gave me a hug and whispered “You look gorgeous McKenna.” I felt like an idiot but all I could do is smile.

The boys took us up to the hotel room, escorted by Paul of course, and officially introduced us to the other boys. Liam was on the couch (shirtless) with Niall (eating an ice cream sandwich) and Louis was nowhere to be found.”

“Where’d Louis go guys?” Harry asked releasing Ashleigh’s hand and removing his shirt. Zayn said this was Niall and Liam’s room. Louis had his own but it was connected to Liam and Niall’s. He said Harry and himself had the combined rooms the one where it was 2 separate rooms but they were connected inside. He took me in there and left the others in Niall and Liam’s room.

“So, what’s it like being all famous and stuff?” I asked sitting on his bed.

“Pretty exciting, I get to meet a lot of people.” He said smiling as he sat down beside me.

“Are you really not seeing Perrie?”

“Ahhhh!” he groaned lying down on the bed “I told him it was a bad idea! In all honestly I can’t stand that brat!”

“Zayn, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you upset.” I laid down beside him.

He didn’t reply but he looked over at me and smiled. He put his arm around me and we just laid there smiling like idiots at each other. “Why are you so beautiful?” He asked me brushing my bangs out of face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I laughed putting my face into his chest.

“You are, you’re amazing.”

“Zayn hush.” I looked at him smiling.

He looked into my eyes and smiled. He sat up and took off his jacket. Under his varsity jacket he was wearing a plain white shirt and he had a pair of jeans on.

“Now we match.” He smiled as I sat up next to him.

He put his arm around me and again stared into my eyes. I smiled and got lost in his dark brown eyes. Zayn brushed my bangs away from my face and leaned in and kissed me. It was amazing! I felt a spark! Something I’ve never felt with anyone before. Like this was a movie or something. I didn’t want to stop. Our kiss finally ended and Zayn, again just stared at me smiling. “I never had a kiss like that from anyone ever before.” He smiled.

I was going to ask how well Perrie kisses but I thought it would be inappropriate and it would ruin the moment. “Zayn, I really like you.” I smiled.

“Is that so?”

My heart dropped I felt like an idiot. Again! Why on this earth would he say that! I stood up to leave but he grabbed my hand. “McKenna Jace Anderson,” He took ahold of my other hand and swung them back and forth. “will you go out with me?” I swore I was going to die. Zayn Malik just asked me out. The boy who I’ve been obsessing over for at least two years just asked me out.

“Of course I will!” I said and he leaned down and kissed me.

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