Standing close to the edge

When Mckenna's best friend takes her to Nandos for her birthday she never would of thought she'd meet one direction. Will she be able to handle the pop star life or will she be put on the back burner.


1. Must Be Birthday Candle Magic

Itwas a month before school starts. My sophomore year thank god! No more being alittle freshman. So I declared that this year would be different. I heard myandroid go off with my best friend, Ashleigh’s ringtone.

“Hey Kenna I’ll pick you up in 5.”


I honestly had no idea where we’re going, butshe said she was taking me out for my birthday. Ashleigh showed up in her usedkia. She was in dire need of a new car but, I wasn’t complaining. She smiled asI got into the car.

“All ready?” she asked almost laughing

“No, I just came to look at the car I stillhave to put shoes on.” I said laughing opening the car door.

We drove for a good couple hours just talkingabout crazy random things. It’s so sad to think she’s going to be leaving meafter this year. Why does Ashleigh have to be a senior?

“Okay ready for your surprise?” she smiled herpretty smile.


We got out of the car and walked over a coupleblocks. I couldn’t figure out why she just didn’t drive the car over here. Ilooked over at Ashleigh and she just smiled. We made a left hand turn and assoon as I saw it, I knew where we were going.

“Nandos! You brought me to Nandos!”I screamedgiving her a huge hug and smile I knew she had been waiting for.

“Yup and while we’re here we might as well stopat Jack Wills.” she winked and walked toward the door.

I couldn’t remember how to work my feet I wasso excited!

Ashleigh and I both ordered peri-peri wings andpespi.  We sat in awe just taking it allin when suddenly I noticed a really hot boy. He had dark brown hair and it wasstyled to perfection. He was wearing a blue and like cream color varsityjacket. He glanced over his shoulder and I hoped he just missed me looking athim. When I looked back he was staring at me. We held eye contact for about 15seconds and then he smiled a smile I’d know anywhere. I was across the roomfrom Zayn Malik.

Zayn broke away from our eye contact so I thenturned back to face Ashleigh.

“Ash, guess what?”

“What is it now McKenna?” This was a questionshe heard from me way too often.

“Zayn Malik is in this building.” I said tryingto contain my excitement.

“Come on Ana, I know we joked about this butit’s not funny right now.” She said taking a sip of her drink.

“I’m serious!” I turned around to find his eyesmeet mine again. He turned around quickly, and then looked back again. I smiledat him and he returned the smile. He is the definition of gorgeous!

“ Kenna did that seriously just happened!?”

 I noddedin excitement. “Do you know what makes me think though?”


“Why isn’t he in a reserved section and whyaren’t people jumping at him?”

“That is an awesome question Ken.” She seemedjust as puzzled as me.

“We’re idiots.” I said

“Why now?”

“There is no way that’s him.”

“You’re probably right.” her excitement droppedand we both finished our food.

I refused to look back. It was heart breaking.I really thought Zayn Malik was here. I’m such an idiot; Zayn Malik caughtlooking at me. I’m hilarious. Besides; he’s with Perrie. We finished and gotback into her car. We blasted Moments and I refused to get out until I heardZayn’s part. We walked into the Jack Wills like an hour before it closed so itwas pretty much empty except for the miserable looking workers. We went to theback near the clearance and looked at a couple of hoodies. I heard the stupidlittle bell on the door ring.

“Hey Ash, I’m going to look over here.” I saidwalking to this red and white lettered hoodie I really liked. This one circlecoat rack thing was placed so awkwardly right in my way. “Seriously!?” Imaneuvered around it and started looking for a small hoodie. I felt someonegrab my waist and cover my mouth. The force was so strong I was drug into thecircle coat rack and spun around. I was about to scream when I opened my eyesand saw Zayn Malik holding his finger up to his lips signaling me to be quiet.This time I was 100% sure this was Zayn Malik.

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