If I only had you

Haley had everything. A boyfriend, popularity, good friends, etc. But then everything changes when her parents tell they are moving to England. When she starts at her new school, everything goes bad until she meets a boy named Harry. A boy from One direction, where she falls deeply in love with.. She thinks everything is perfect after she meets him but she was wrong.


2. Making new friends

Harry's POV
I was rushing through the halls at my school. " Erghh! I going to be late!" I whispered to my self. Right at that second I ran into a gorgeous girl. "I am so sorry!" she replied "it's okay" I answered. She looked up at me with her beautiful hazel eyes. "I'm haley" I got lost in her eyes then snapped back to reality. "I'm Harry." I asked if she was new and luckly she was so, I asked her if I can show her around and show her my friends at lunch. She seemed like she really wanted to meet them. I looked at her schedule and just my luck she had all my classes. When the bell rang for lunch I went up to her to bring her to my group of friends. " I should probably tell her I am in a band called, One Direction, but I didn't want to tell her yet." I thought to my self. When I looked back at her outside she seemed nervous. "Are you okay?"

Haley's POV
I was so nervous to meet his friends, what If they don't like me? For some reason Harry seemed very familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it so, I just forgot about it. " Are you okay?" I heard a husky voice ask me. Harry seemed so nice and I am so happy I ran in to him. "yea, I'm okay just nervous, that's all." "don't be they are a lot of fun! I promise!!" As we walked to his group of friends, they looked so familiar it started to bother me. " hello!!!!" a very excited boy said to me. "that's Louis" replied Harry . " the one with the blonde hair is Niall, then their is Zayn, the one looking in the mirror, and the one on his phone is Liam." They looked up at me and smiled and gave me a hug. " oh and the one girl that was sitting on Liam's lap, that's his girlfriend, Danielle, and the other girl is Louis's girlfriend, Eleanor." they also came up and have me a hug. The whole lunch time we talked about random stuff like carrots, Louis loves girls who like carrots, I thought that was strange but funny at the same time. As the bell rung, we all were about to head to class but harry asked if everyone wanted to hang out at my house today. They all agreed, I was so excited to get to know them better. As I was leaving, the boy named Liam pulled Harry to the side to talk to him. It didn't really bother me so I keeper walking.

Harry's POV
As I was about to leave with Haley, I got pulled aside by Liam. " Have you told her about us being One Direction?" Liam asked " No, but I will tonight." I answered. " okay, you better". I hope Haley will still like me for me when I tell her I'm in a famous boy band called, One Direction. Either way I was excited for tonight! I really want to know Haley more. I also feel like I am starting to really like her now. I hope tonight goes well
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