If I only had you

Haley had everything. A boyfriend, popularity, good friends, etc. But then everything changes when her parents tell they are moving to England. When she starts at her new school, everything goes bad until she meets a boy named Harry. A boy from One direction, where she falls deeply in love with.. She thinks everything is perfect after she meets him but she was wrong.


1. Moving

Haley's POV
Today is my first day at this new school in England. I will be a 11th grader which is a terrible year to move. I am in my room freaking out about everything! I kept thinking.. Will I make friends? What about my old friends and my boyfriend?? I hate moving especially when you move half way across the world!! A California girl living in England ? Yeah this will be a GREAT school year.. Not.. Lucky my brother will be their too, he is a 12th grader and he's lucky how he has one more year of highschool... I wish we didn't move.

* 2 months ago *

" Haley! Jake! Can you come down here!" my mother yelled from the kitchen. As I saw my brother walk out of his room he said " What did you now, Haley!" he laughed. " haha, I don't think I did anything!" As we sit down at the kitchen table, we both can tell something is happening. "Guys, we are moving to England in about a week" my dad replied. My dad is in the Airforce so we knew we would have to move sooner or later But not now!! " We what!!" I said I was already tearing up. "I'm sorry Haley."

* Today *

Today is the day my worst year begins. I thought to my self. When I get to school, everyone was staring at me. Some people were already bullying me about being a new student. I was scared because I never got bullied at my old school. As I walk down the halls, I keep my head down low until I bump into someone and knock all my books sown. " I am so sorry." I said " It's okay. Here let me help you!" A British, husky voice said. I lookup to see a boy with curly hair, with gorgeous emerald green eyes. " hi, I'm Haley" I said quietly " I'm Harry " he replied. I pick up my books and start to walk away until he calls me " Haley!! Wait up! Are you new here? I've never seen you before." Harry asks. "yes, I'm new" " how about I show you around and have lunch with me and my friends." Harry asked me with his cheeky smile " sure, I would love that."
As the day goes on I realize I have all the same classes as him.. Finally it's lunch and I get to meet his friends. But what if they don't like me?
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