Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


2. Meet Lily

Heyy chica! Lily's the name,AWESOMENESS is my game! I'm 18 years young,blowing out the candles on December 3rd! I'm originally from Manchester,but me and my bestie Becca moved to Key West,Flordia when we were 16.I'm kind of quiet when you first meet me,but I get louder and crazier once i get to know you!I'm currently single and always ready to mingle!Most definatly a flirt,I'll chat up almost any bot I meet.My favorite color is pink and I love playing games Truth or Dare.My absolute favorite place on earth is Disney World.Call me a dork,whatever.I hate winter with all my heart.That's one of the reasons I moved to Flordia.Well,I best be going.Bye!<3

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