Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


11. Chapter 9-Karmas A Bitch And So Am I

Lilys POV The Next Day I am so glad Zayn and I are back to normal! I feel completed again! without him, I felt like there was a piece of me missing, like i could barely breathe. Now that Zayns back in my life everything is gonna be alright again.  I smiled out the window as Zayn drove me back to my hotel room. It was nice cause Zayns room was right down that hall. "What are you all smiley about?" I heard Zayn ask. He chuckled as I looked at him and blushed. "I'm just really happy that we are back together." I gushed. "Well just so you know, I parked my car like 5 minutes ago. I saw you in LALA land and decided not to bother you."  I turned a deep shade of red. "Oh god, this is embarrassing!" "No, its cute now lets go inside." As we got inside Zayns hotel, I saw Andrea making out with Harry. What a whore! Zayn walked in right behind me. "wooow" Was all he managed to say. I guess Andrea heard and turn and stood up and looked me right in the eye, and glared. "eww. Why are you here? I thought I got rid of you!" she screamed "I'm not the girl here trying to sleep around with not just Zayn, but Harry too!" I balled up my fists "Can someone tell me whats going on here? I know nothing." Harry asked looked really confused. Zayn went over to him and explained. "Now what was I saying? Oh yeah, at least I'm not the one being used for sex Andrea!" I growled. She tried to slap me but i grabbed her hand right before it hit my cheek. With my free hand, I punched Andrea so hard she fell to the ground. "Bitch!" she yelled holding her eye. "Your right! Karmas a bitch and so am I, so if i were you, i would watch your back Andrea! C'mon Zayn, Lets go." One Week Later The boys Tour is finally over. This means they are going back to London. At first i was sad because Becca and I don't live there anymore, but then i remembered that our parents still live there! Even though we would be staying with out parents, at least we would still get to see the boys every day. I plugged in my headphones as we headed to the airport. My favorite song came on by Justin Bieber. The song is called Maria. The song is about a crazy fan who said Justin got her pregnant. WHAT IS UP WITH FANS THESE DAYS?!? The song is on his new Album, Believe. Its been years since I've seen my parents. I cant wait to see them again! Beccas POV I was excited to see my parents again and get to spend even more time with Liam now, but I was also kinda scared. The reason that i'm scared is because my crazy ex boyfriend lives in London. I don't like to say his name, but its... Ryan. eww. Every time i hear that name, I flinch. That one time that he beat me was not the first time. He actually has quite a bit. I have a scar on my left thigh from  him scratching me with a knife. I tried to get help, but he said if I told anyone, he would kill me... I was to scared to tell anyone. I didn't even tell Lily. Even though its been years,I finally want to talk about it. I needed to tell Lily. Before we get to the airport. Luckily, It was only me and her in the car. She had her Headphones in, so i pulled them out. "What was that for?" she asked glaring at me. "I um need to talk to you...about Ryan.." i felt like gagging just by saying his name "Your finally wanting to come clean on how he treated you?" She asked "Uhh yeahh" "Alright, tell mama what happend." i ended up telling her everything that happened and i guess she got a little to mad... "IM GONNA KILL THAT BOY!" She shouted "Lily calm down! That was a really long time ago!" "I don't care her left that" She pointed to my leg."If I see that boy around you, or even look at you, hes in for some deep shit!" "Okay Lily i get it, you care about me! but can we please just forget about it and not tell the boys? Liam knows and he said he wont leave me out of his sight when we get to London!" I explained "Okay fine, we're here anyways" Lily pulled into a parking spot. Once we got all of our stuff out we headed for the doors of the airport. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "This is just great!" Lily yelled as she stormed off. It turns out that the boys had to leave on a special plain right as they arrived at the airport. I guess there was too many screaming fans... "Lily we will be fine! They will be there once we get off the plain!"  "They better be!" I smiled. I already miss my Liam. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Lily you fell asleep! But we are in London!" I yelled as i tried to wake Lily to get off the plain. She woke up and screamed,"Where is my Zayny boo?!" I started walking off the plain. "I swear to god, if you call him 'Zayny boo' one more time I'm gonna have to slap you!" I goofed She smiled and started to say,"Zayny B- Oh crap!"  "What Lily? Whats wrong?" I looked around and expected to find Liam, But he was no where to be found. Just then someone grabbed my waist. I giggled thinking it was Liam. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER YOU CREEP!" Lily screamed punching Liam in the arm. Then I turned around and saw it wasn't Liam it was..... "R-ryan?" was all i could get out of my mouth. I felt like i was about to faint. What was he doing here? "Becca, we need to talk. Now!" Ryan said as he pulled me away from Lily. OK more like he dragged me, Cause there was no way i would just let him take me like that! I began to start crying. I saw a small smirk on his face.  "I didn't want to have to do this, but i can't get you to shut up" Then everything went black.........

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