Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


8. Chapter 6-Caught Red Handed

2 Months later Lilys POV "C'mon Becca! We need to leave!" I yelled. God she takes forever. We are going to visit our boyfriends, since they are in South Carolina for there next concert. We were surprising them at their hotel tomorrow, but flying up tonight. I was so excited to see Zayn again. It has been about 2 months since the last time i saw him. I mean we skyped every other day, but that doesn't count as seeing him. For the time that he has been gone,I  have been working on a scrapbook of pictures of me and him. In the back of the book it says  I love you with everything,now and forever, the last words he said to me before getting on the plane. I smiled to myself. "I can't wait to see him tomorrow." "Neither can I" Becca said standing behind me carrying her stuff. "Well aren't we gonna go?" she asked "Oh right, lets go." Skip Plane Ride "Finally. We're in South Carolina!" Becca shouted. "Tomorrow I get to see Liam!" People meaning two teenage girls looked at us weirdly.  "Shut up! Fans know Liam is dating you! If they recognize you, they might attack us!" Just then the two girls who were staring, recognized who we were and started running towards us.  "OH EM GEE! Are you like Liam Paynes new girlfriend?" A short blonde girl asked Becca.  Becca smiled."Why yes i am, But don't scream. I don't want to be attacked." She said. The girl nodded. "I hope you die in a hole!" The other girl yelled, but not to loud. "Isn't that kinda harsh?" I Asked her. "Yours Zayns girlfriend, so you can die in a hole with her!" She screamed "Sorry about my friend. Shes just a bit jealous." The blonde one apologized  "Becca we should probably go." I told Becca. "O right." She turned to the girls and smiled."We must be going, but it was very nice to meet the both of you" "Bye!" The friendly one yelled as i dragged Becca to the baggage claim. At the girls hotel. Beccas POV I walked into the hotel and set my stuff next to the bed. Then i flopped on the bed, cause i felt tired from the plane. I checked my phone. It looks like Liam sent me a text.  From: Liam<333 Hey wonderful!(: Just wanted to see how you were doing. i miss you so much! I love you and will  see you in a month! xxxLiam I smiled at my phone like an idiot. A month? more like a day! i decided to play along with it. Counting down the weeks 'till i see your face again! And I am doing wonderful, except the part that your not here): I miss you too! LOVE YOU BABE!xxxBecca Tomorrow, he will be in for a big surprise... The Next Day, Zayns POV I woke up to someone knocking on my door. Who could that be? Oh yeah, Nialls cousin and her bestfriend are here to visit him. His cousins name was Allison we call her Ally though. I don't know what her friends name is though. Ally and I get along very well. Not like boyfriend girlfriend, but like brother and sister. I answered the door, and there they were, Allison and her best friend. "Eww its you!" I teased "Haha very funny." She stuck out her tongue out at me. Allison has bleach blonde hair with brown underneath    "Who's your friend?" I asked Ally looking at the girl. I had to admit she was pretty, but not beautiful. "I'm Andrea" She smiled and winked Andrea has darker skin and a twinkle in her eye.   I fake coughed and shook her hand. Doesn't she know i have a girlfriend? By what she was wearing i could tell she was trouble.   "Just so you know Andrea, He has a girlfriend." Ally told her Andreas smile quickly faded. "Ohhh..." "Yeah, sorry." I said to her "Well I need to go to the store with Niall. Andrea, you can stay here with Zayn and the rest of the boys." Ally said. "Alright."Andrea responded. Then Ally left with Niall. I went and sat on the couch and turned on the TV. Andrea came over and sat next to me. "Whats your girlfriends name?" She asked "Her name is Lily. Lily Graves." I answered. "Where is she right now?" She asked. "Ummm, Florida?" Why does she keep asking these questions? Then she smiled. "Then she wont be here to see me do this." Then she leaned in and kissed me. I tried to pull away, but she wouldn't let me. Suddenly I heard something drop, and Andrea finally pulled away.  I looked up and saw..................................................................................................................... Lily standing there, tears streaming down her face. "I'm guessing thats your Lily, yes?" Andrea smirked. Lily didn't answer. She just ran out sobbing. What have I done? Andrea laughed "Now, where were we?" she tried to kiss me again, but i pushed her off. "How could you? I have a girlfriend and you made me kiss you!" "So?" she said. "So! What do you mean so? I love her and i would never cheat on her! You just  made it look like i did!" I ran to see what Lily dropped. It was a scrapbook of the two of us. I stared to cry. I messed up big this time. I need to find Lily and explain... Harrys POV I walked into our hotel room to see Becca and Liam snogging. Whoops. i went into Liams hotel on accident. Then i walked into my hotel room to see a girl with her arms crossed. I wonder where Zayn went.  I saw Lily running down the hall sobbing. Wait a second. Becca and Lily are here? Cool! I looked back at the girl. She was pretty hot. She also looked pretty easy. I decided to try my charm on her. "Hey. I'm Harry" I smiled. "Whats your name?" i winked at her.  "I'm Andrea." She winked back. I suddenly had the urge to kiss her. I went for it. I leaned in, and so did she. our kiss turned into a snogging session. I wonder why shes here? Oh well it doesn't matter, cause shes hot. Andrea, you will be mine. Beccas POV I pulled away from Liam.  "I've missed this." i smiled at him. "Me too. I wonder where Lily and Zayn are." He said. Harry and Zayn were sharing a room, and Liam, Louis and Niall shared this room. "Probably having a snog fest." I giggled. "Lets go check on them." Liam suggested We walked down the hall, hand in hand. We saw Lily sobbing and yelling at Zayn. Liam pushed Zayn off Lily. "Honey whats wrong?" I asked Lily. "A-A-Andrea." She blurted. "What about Andrea?" I asked "Th-They were k-kissing!" She sobbed out. "AH HELL NAH!" I ran over to Zayn and slapped in the face. HARD! This boy is in for some major trouble...

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