Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


7. Chapter 5-Double Dates And Tour Hates

Lily' POV "Umm...Whoa!What was that all about?I asked Becca,totally confused. Becca blushed a deep red."Me and Liam are dating......"She smiled. "Wow.You must REALLY love him.I haven't seen you this happy in forever!"I looked at her.Her eyes were bright and excited. "I do love him.And he loves me."Becca declared. "Alright then.Well,should we go to the hotel and see your BOYFRIEND?!"I said. Becca nodded wildly and practically sprinted to the car.I followed,smiling. Becca's POV Now I know how Lily felt when she started dating Zayn.I was so happy and all I really wanted to do was kiss Liam.I was so happy! When we got to the boys' hotel room,I had to force myself not to make out with Liam.He put his arm arouend my waist and announced, "Boys,this is Becca,my new girlfriend!"He beamed. The boys started cheering and they came over and picked me up.They started yelling things like "Finally!" and "Thank god,it took you two you two long enough!"Lily was shaking with laughter when the boys dropped me on my bum.Liam came over and helped me up. "Sorry about them..."Liam muttered. "No,it's okay.They're hilarious!"I laughed. Liam smiled at me."I love your laugh." I kissed him."And I love you." Zayn's POV We hung out with the girls,or should I say,made out with the girls for a few hours before they had to leave.I'm going to miss Lily when we go on tour next week.I felt bad for Liam.I mean,him and Becca JUST satrting dating.But knowing him,they'll make it work.I really wished I could do something romantic for Lily on my last night here.Looking at Liam,I had a stroke of genius.I went over to him and told him my plan.His eyes lit up. "Yes!Let's do it!" Lily's POV-4 Days Later I had been moping around all day.It's Zayn's last day day with me and he hasn't answered ANY of my calls or texts!Maybe this is how he's getting ready to say goodbye.By ignoring me.I sighed.I was still moping around when Zayn's name came up on my caller I.D.I answered it.Zayn was speaking frantically. "Hey babe!Meet me at the park at 8:00.Wear something nice.I love you bye!"He hung up. What the hell was that? Whatever.At least he isn't avoiding me.I went to my room to pick out my outfit. Becca's POV I got home from the beach with a new message from Liam.It said: "Hey love it's Liam.Meet me at the park at 8:00!Love you bye!" Ok then.... I still get to see him on his last night here.I walked to  my room to get dressed.I saw Lily trying on dresses in her bedroom. "Hey Lily!I just got the weirdest message from Liam.He told me to meet him at the park." Lily looked at me. "Weird.I got the same phone call from Zayn.....What do you think they're doing?" "I don't know.I'm getting in the shower." 3 Hours Later-Lily's POV I fumbled with the hem of the dress as I waited in the car for Becca.My dress was black and the back had a  lace trim.   With my hair in loose curls.   Just then Becca came outside.She had on a light pink dress with a poo-fey skirt With her hair was in super tight curls which made her look elegant  She hopped in the drivers seat and we drove off to the park. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pulling up to the park,I was suprised to see nobody there. But what I did see confused me. It was a sign with an arrow pointing down a path.As I looked closer,I saw that the arrows lead all the way through the park.I looked at Becca. "Let's start walking." Becca's POV I....I didn't know what to say.It was too perfect.It was a big white gazebo-type thing with thousands of lights strung around it.In the middle was a big table set for 4 people.Standing by the table were Zayn and Liam,wearing suits and looking almost nervous.I walked over to Liam. "Liam this place is amazing!"I said,finding the right words. "Well,Zayn helped too.Don't give me all the credit."Liam said looking at Zayn. He smiled at us."I'm glad you two like it."Then he looked down at Lily.I turned back to Liam. "This is perfect.I love it."I said to him. "And I love you."He said and kissed me. Lily's POV-Skip Dinner Me and Zayn were standing on a bridge overlooking a creek.He was standing behind me with his arms aroung my waist and his head on my shoulder. "I can't believe you have to go tomorrow."I said sadly. "I know.That's why we did this for you guys.It's our last night here so we wanted it to be special." I giggled."So you had to ignore me for the whole day?" "It was really hard.Trust me.But the only reason we did it was so you would be suprised." I turned to face him. "You are the best boyfriend in the world.I mean it.I love you."I said,smiling. "I love you more."He said,kissing me. So we remained that way,him leaning me against the bridge rails,kissing,for about 10 minutes. Becca's POV Liam and I were holding hands and walking aimlessly around the park.I was swinging our hands between us. "I'm going to miss this."He said quietly,almost to himself. "What did you say?"I asked him. "I said I was going to miss this.All of this."He said,looking around. I threw him a grin."Miss what?" "You.Just being able to be with you and not have to do anything."He looked at me. "Not do anything?I can think of something of do."I smiled and pressed my lips to his.He smiled back into the kiss. The Next Day-At the Airport-Becca's POV "Liam,I'm gonna miss you so much!Promise me you will come and visit me?"I hugged him. "I'll call you whenever I can."Liam promised. We pulled away and he looked into my eyes. "I love you."We said at the same time.We laughed and he kissed me. .................... I was the first to pull away.I looked at him. "Bye for now Liam.I'll see you soon.I love you." And with that,I turned away to say goodbye to the rest of the boys. Lily's POV I said my goodbyes to all the boys,who all looked sad to be leaving.Then I walked over to Zayn.He held me close. "I don't want to leave you."He said into my hair. "I wish you didn't have to go either....." He held me even tighter. "Zayn?"I whispered. "What,love?"He asked. "Promise you won't forget about me...about us?" He looked almost shocked."Never.I love you with everything,now and forever." I smiled and we kissed. ................. Third Person POV The boys' flight number was called.They looked at each other sadly then boarded the plane.Lily and Becca watched the plane take off,tears staining their faces.

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