Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


6. Chapter 4-Friend Zoned

Beccas POV ive been in lying in bed for three days. Theres no point on getting out of bed. my heart has officially been broken. I cant believe he kissed me and then told me it meant nothing. I put so much work into making his party amazing and this is how he repays me? Just then, Lily walked in with breakfast from McDonalds. "I brought you some food" she looked at me with concerning eyes. "Im not hungry!" I said chucking a pillow at her but hitting the door instead. "Whoa! Im just worried about you! You havent eaten in three days!" "Well im not hungry. you can just leave now, i want to be alone," "Okay, just call me if you need anything." Then she left. My stomach started to growl. i guess i was kinda hungry. i just ignored what my stomach was trying to tell me. i might as well starve to death. obviously no one loves me. Even my ex boyfriend beat me.         Just then my phone started to vibrate. It was .... Liam .... From: Liam hey becca... Look we need to talk. meet me at starbucks in 2 hours. -Liam i decided to answer. okay... I'll see you there, but no funny business! -Becca      I had two hours to get ready. i really needed a shower. Just as i was about to step into the shower, Harry walked in. He looked at me and licked his lips. "Dang, your fit." he said staring at me. I ran and covered myself with a towel. "What is the bloody hell is wrong with you?! i screamed. "Well i came over to your apartment to come cheer you up and then i really had to use the bathroom. i didnt know you would be in here." he explained.     "cool story, but you need to leave. im going somewhere in two hours and i need to get ready"     "Okay, well i best be going." he said then left i got in the shower and washed up. i decided to wear something cute, but simple, a skirt and a jacket. i wore my hair in a fish tail braid.   Liams POV I sat at a table waiting for Becca to show up. I looked down at my phone and saw two little feet in front of me. I looked up to see who the feet belonged to. It was Becca. She had a coffee in her hand. She looked beautiful. Instead of looking up and me she was looking at the floor. I did this to her. I told her she meant nothing to me.  Now shes depressed and its all because of me. "Hey." i said trying to kill the awkwardness "Hi..." she said shyly. "Can we please talk?" I asked. "well thats why i came here, right?" she said sarcastically "Oh right. well please sit down" she sat down. " About that kiss at my par-" She cut me off before i could finish "If your here to tell me it meant nothing to you, ill just leave. I dont want to be told im nothing. And the kiss did mean something to me. i felt something Liam! I like you. I really really like you! But if you tell me you didnt feel anything, ill just leave you alone and you never will have to see me again." She started crying. I could tell she wasnt lying. "Becca! No! Don't leave..Listen i did feel something. i felt bombs! it meant the world to me when we kissed. i really like you too," We were hugging now. "I'm just not ready for a relationship yet. Its nearly been a week. "I understand. well for now can we just be mates then?" she asked "Of course." i said. She smiled. "Lets go back to the hotel. The boys and Lily are probably waiting for us." i told her "Yeah, your right. lets go" ___________________________________________________________________________________________________  Once Becca and Lily left, the boys sat down and stared at me. "What?" i asked "So, What happened?" Niall asked "We made up." "Well duh! But did you tell her how you felt?" Louis asked. "Yes, but for now we are just friends." "Dude, you just got friend zoned!" Harry yelled "Oh shoot, I've been friend zoned!" i muttered under my breath. "Well its only for now. Maybe in a month or so, we can get together. its only been about a week!" i reminded them. "well if you really love her like you say you do,then you would be willing to date her now!" Niall answered. "Trust me. that night, when this whole thing happened, she told me everything." "What did she tell you?" i asked "She told me that when you kissed her, she felt like the only girl in the world. She felt like she meant something. Then when you walked away, she was shattered. She told me she had really strong feelings for you, maybe even love. You broke her heart Liam. If you love her, then go get her and tell her that. Tell her you want to be more then friends!" He encouraged. I stood up and walked towards the door. Lily and Becca were gone. I got in my car and started to head towards Beccas house. I just realized that I'm going on tour next week. Well i guess if it really love, then we can make it work. I've done it before. I got to Beccas front door and Lily answered. I pushed my way through, Which I'm pretty sure made Lily a little mad. "Wheres Becca?" i asked Lily looking around. "I'm right here, why?" I ran up to her and kissed her lips passionately, her kissing back. Bombs "That's why." i said smiling Beccas POV "I'm right here, why?" i asked.  Before i knew it Liam ran up to me and kissed me. of course i kissed back. Bombs went off in my stomach. When we finally pulled away, he answered my question. "Thats why." He said smiling "I thought you wanted to be just friends? Friends definatly don't kiss." I said "Well that's the thing. I've been thinking and Becca, I cant go another day without you. Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked smiling "Of course!" I pecked his lips. "Oh and one more thing..." "What?" i asked. "We have to go on tour next week so i wont be able to see you everyday. Is that okay?" He asked. I frowned but then smiled, "We can make this work as long as you come visit and call me every night that you can. Oh and no flirting with other girls!" i joked but he nodded. "I love you Liam Payne. I fell in love with you the second i looked in your eyes." "And i love you Becca Wells. I fell in love with you the same moment you fell in love with me. We can definatly make this relationship work. i blushed and he kissed the tip of my nose, making it crinkle. " Well i have to go pack, but I'll be back tomorrow. I love you. "I love you too." I smiled. Then he was gone.

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