Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


5. Chapter 3-Birthday Surprises


Lily's POV I sat up groggily.Where was I?I vaguely remembered falling asleep with Zayn last night.Oh,yeah,I was at the hotel.But where were the boys?I got up,careful not to wake Becca,and walked to the kitchen.I found a note Hey girls, Sorry not to wkae you up,but you guys just looked so cute asleep!We had to go to a CD signing. We'll be back around 4:00,so make yourselves at home if you want! Zayn loves you,Lily! The boys xx I blushed at the last part.I checked the time.Holy crap,it's already 3:30!I ran back to the living room. "Becca!Wake up!"I said,shaking her. "What do you want?"She mumbled,still half-asleep. "We fell asleep at the hotel.The boys left!Get up,we need to get ready!" Becca's eyes shot open. "What time will they be back?" "In like a half an hour!"I panicked. We spent the next 30 minutes getting dressed and cleaning the hotel room.Right when we sat down,the boys came in. "Oh my god!It's so clean in here!"Niall said with a horrified expression on his face.The rest of the boys said somewhat the same thing. "Hi to you guys too!?"I blurted. Harry jumped and put a hand on his heart."How long have you two been here?" "Since we woke up a half an hour ago."Becca said. "Oh...Well then,it looks great!"Harry smiled. Zayn came over and pecked my lips."Well,I'm starving.Who's up for lunch?He asked the last part. Everyone raised their hand. Alrigh then,let's go!"Liam said,grabbing his car keys. At Lunch-Becca's POV We were all gathered around a McDonald's table while Liam was ordering,when Loius said, "Well people?What are we going to do for Liam's 19th birthday party tomorrow?" "We could go clubbing?"I spoke up. "Great idea!"Louis clapped."I'll pick the place.......Oh,and Becca,wear something hot,alright?Liam needs a little cheering up." Lily laughed when my cheeks turned bright red right as Liam came back with the food.He eyed us supiciously but didn't say anything. The Next Night "Oh my gosh you look AMAZING!!"Lily gushed as I stepped out in my dress It was Short and Blue. 

"Thanks!So do you!I said.Lily had a pink and black dress on.

"So,shall we go to the club?"Lily grabbed her purse.


"yeah.Let's go!"I said,walking out the door. Liam's POV "Where are you taking me?"I shouted as Louis put a blindfold on me and pushed me into a limo.First,they make me get all dressed up,now they won't tell me where we're going.I thought it was MY birthday? "Trust us man.You're going to love it."Zayn said,chuckling. I totally regret letting them do this. 20 minutes later They took off my blindfold to reveal an overflowing club with pounding music. "Seriously?!A club?I can't even drink!"I complained. Then I saw Becca.Oh my god,she looked gorgeous.I walked over to her. "Do you want to go dance?"I asked her. She nodded and took me inside. Under the strobe lights,we started dancing,our hips moving to the beat.I spotted Zayn and Lily,grinding.I laughed to myself.Harry was dancing with a random blonde,and Niall and Louis were at the bar,talking. Maybe this night wouldn't be so bad after all? Becca's POV This night couldn't have gone better!I was dancing with Liam,and although I wished I could tell him how I felt,I was still having fun.I looked over at Lily and Zayn,who were making out,obviously drunk.I was getting a little woozy myself..... 1 Hour Later I was now officially drunk.Right now I was grinding with Lily as the boys looked on,enjoying it.Perverts.I smiled.Suddenly Liam came up to us and pulled me to the edge of the dance floor.He looked right into my eyes and did something totally unexpected.He leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth!I kissed back,turning it into a snogging session.Fireworks,no,bombs exploded inside of me as our tongues explored each others mouths.His hands rested on my hips while mine were tangled in his hair.After a minute or so,Liam pulled away and ran onto the dance floor.I followed,bewildered. Liam's POV I don't know what made me pull away.It was the best kiss of my life.Bombs were going off inside of me.Not even Danielle could do that.Danielle...I felt so guilty.Barely even 2 days after we break up,and I'm already kissing some other girl!But it wasn't just some other was Becca.God,I was so confused!I heard Becca's voice behind me. "Liam!Why would you kiss me then run away?"She asked. Suddenly I was mad."I was just rebounding off Danielle!That kiss meant nothing to me!"I shouted at her. "Oh....."Becca whispered before running away with tears streaming down her face. What the fuck did I just do? Becca's POV I was sitting in the bathroom,crying my eyes out.Of course Liam doesn't like me!He just broke up with Danielle!God,I'm so stupid....But,I really felt something when we kissed.Like it was meant to be or something.After crying for a few minutes,I got up fixed my make-up,and went out to find Lily.Instead I found Niall. "Niall!Do you know where Lily is?"I asked. "Yeah.Her and Zayn left about 10 minutes ago!"He answered."Why?Is something wrong?" "Yeah,well,no....."I faltered,tears beginning to pour down my face again. "What happened?"He asked,sitting me down at a table. So I told him everything.How I had liked Liam for so long,how he were dancing,when he kissed me,and finally what he said to me and why I was crying.He just held me while I sobbed into his shirt.Then he got up. "I'm going to get Liam.You two need to talk."He started walking away. I grabbed his hand."No!I mean,he looked pretty mad when i asked him about it,so I'll just talk to him later,okay?"I told him. Niall hesitated."Promise?"He held out his pinkie. "Promise."I linked my pinkie with his. Lily's POV Me and Zayn were in the back of a taxi,driving back to the hotel.When we got there,he led me upstairs.We started kissing,our tongues wrestling.His hands ran up and down my body,and somehow we undressed each other.I sat on the bed and he layed me down.I traced my fingers on his bare chest and he shivered.As he reached for my bra hook,I suddenly felt wrong.We're drunk.We might not even remember this in the morning.I stopped him. "Zayn...stop."I pulled away from the kiss. "what's wrong,babe?"He asked,sitting up. "We;re drunk.I can't do this."I said. He sighed."Okay.I get it.Let's just go to bed,alright?" I nodded my head.We layed down and Zayn wrapped his arms around me. "I love you.Don't ever forget that."He whispered in my ear. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. The Next Day-Lily's POV I was woken up to the sound of Zayn making coffee.I started to walk out to the kitchen when I realized i was still in my bra and underwear.I pulled on one of Zayn's shirts and walked out.Zayn came over and held me close. "Lily!We didn't have, know,did we?He asked. "No.We didn't.You don't remember?"I asked,frowning. "Well,I was pretty sure we didn't,but I wanted to be 100%." I kissed him."I love you for that." "What?"Zayn asked. "For respecting me.Not taking advantage of me."I whispered. He kissed my forehead. "Of course,Lily.I love you."He said,looking right into my eyes. "I love you too." Liam's POV-4 Hours Later I was sitting on the couch,crying,when the door buzzed.I had been  a complete wreck since last night.When I ran away from Becca,I came home and cryed myself to sleep.I wiped my eyes and answered the door.It was Lily. "Hey Lily,Zayn's in-"She cut me off. "Do you even REALIZE what you have done to Becca?She won't stop crying and has been in bed all day!You broke her heart.I don't EVER want to speak to you again."She said,her voice full of anger. "You think I don't know that?She's all I can think about!She's perfect.I came home and cryed myself to sleep last night!!"I shot back. "Whatever,Liam."She spat and walked into Zayn's room. With that,I resumed crying on the couch. Oh,what have I done.....?

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