Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


33. Chapter 30-Like We're Gonna Die Young

Lily's POV

" What do you think is gonna happen?" Louis asked me once we closed the door to the other room.

" Well, there's two possibilites: Becca is going to yell at Liam, Liam will start crying and apologizing and Becca will forgive him, then they'll go back to being a happy couple. Or," I continued, " There's the more likely to happen possibility that Becca and Liam will start yelling at each other, Becca will officially break up with Liam and she'll leave, then after a few months, they will forgive each other and be a happy couple again."

" Yeah, Becca won't forgive him that easy. Definately second one." Harry said, agreeing with me.

Stephanie, who had been looking at her phone the whole time, stood up. " Well, while you guys try to predict you're friends' futures, I have to go. Bye Lily, boys." She said and left.

We sat in silence for a while, trying to hear what was going on. It failed though because the walls were too thick. After a bit we stopped trying.

" Can we do something? Like, go somewhere?" Niall said letting out a sigh, indicating he was bored.

" Hey, there's that club a few blocks away from here. We could go?" Zayn suggested.

" You would think of going to a club." I said smirking at him playfully.

" They don't call me DJ Malik for nothin', babe." He said back, kissing me.

" The club sounds fun... but we have to change. " Louis said, looking at all of us, still in our black break-in clothes.

" Alright..." I said, going to my suitcase. " I'll be in the bathroom."

The boys mumbled okay and started changing.

I came out in this:

With my hair like this:

Zayn came up to to me and checked me out then smiled. I kissed him on the cheek. " Are we ready to party?! And NOT get super wasted?" I yelled, but not to loudly.

" NOT wasted? Lily, I'm Irish! Getting wasted's in my blood!" Niall complained as I opened the door.

" Not tonight it isn't. " I said, and got in the elevator.

At the Club

" Wow this place is huge!" I said to Zayn as we walked in. There was so many people!

" TO THE DANCE FLOOOR!!!" Louis yelled and pulled Harry and Niall to the mass of people dancing.

Zayn started laughing and we went to dance. We started dancing, which soon turned into grinding, and I laughed as Louis and Harry were also grinding and Niall was dancing like a crazy man.

" Great idea babe!" I said to Zayn as he kissed my neck. He smiled. I pulled his face up to mine and we were standing in the middle of the dance floor kissing.

" Get some, Zayn!" Harry hooted when Zayn's hand travled down to my butt. We both smiled and Zayn flipped him off, still kissing me.

A Few Hours Later

" Come on boys lets go!" I yelled. They didn't hear me so Zayn and I  just left.

He got us a cab and we got in.

" Where to?" The cab driver said through the little window.

" SeaView Resort!" Zayn said.

I giggled and we started kissing again. I thought I heard our driver mutter something about " kids these days" before he closed the window and started driving.

Back at the Hotel

" Hello?" I yelled, walking into the room where Becca and Liam were before we left. No one was here now except us.

" Guess we're alone..." I mumbled to Zayn.

" Good...." Zayn whispered and started kissing my neck, moving up to my jaw. He found my sweet spot and and gave me a hickey. I moaned softly. I felt him smile and I pulled his face up to mine and started kissing him. He layed me down on the bed and we started undressing each other. But, again, right when he was reaching for my bra, I pulled away.

" What's wrong babe?" He asked, trying to catch his breath.

" Nothings wrong, I just... I just don't know if we should..." I trailed off as his eyes bore into mine.

" Babe, we're not drunk. And trust me, I have a feeling we'll remember this VERY well tomorrow." Zayn said.

I smiled. " Yeah I know... but still...."

" Lily, listen to me. Nothing is going to happen, and if it does, I won't leave you. I love you." He said seriously. I nodded.

Zayn started singing to me softly. " And while I have you here in my arms, let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young...."

I smiled at him and leaned down to kiss him.

That was the last thing either of us spoke before I had one of the best nights of my life.

The Next Morning- Zayn's POV

I woke up the next morning completely naked and cuddling Lily. Then I remembered what happened the night before and I smiled. I kissed Lily's forehead and she woke up.

" Morning love." Lily said sleepily. I smiled again.

" Why are you smiling?" Lily asked, waking up a bit.

" You." I said tapping her nose making it crinkle.

She blushed and snuggled deeper into my chest.

I smiled for a third time when I heard her snoring softly. I kissed her forehead again and fell back to sleep.


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