Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


4. Chapter 2-Accused Of Cheating

Liams POV  I was sitting in the hotel room the five of us boys were staying in for the time that we would be here in Florida. all i could think about was Becca.  I know im not suppose to to fancy her since im dating Danielle, but i think i do. Me and her just clicked. When i looked into her icey blue eyes, i knew i was in love. oh crap! did i just say i was in love with Becca? well maybe i do i dont know... just then, my phone went off reveling the ringtone i set for Danielle. why did she have to be calling right now? i answered. "hello?" "Liam we need to talk..." she sounded sad and angry at the same time. "what about babe?" i asked. "dont call me babe!" she yelled. i could tell she was starting to cry. "umm, okayy? well would you please tell me whats wrong ba- urm i mean please?" what did i do? "whats wrong?! i turn on the TV to see your face and some other chick at Disney World  together! you were holding hands. why would you cheat on me like this?" now she was definatly  crying. "cheat? im not cheating on you Danielle! i cant believe you would accuse me of something that horrible!" my eyes started to water as i said this. "well it sure as heck looks like it!"  "im not!" i pleaded  "well do you fancy her?" she sniffed "" i paused not knowing how to answer. "im gonna take that as a yes since you paused! and to think i loved you! this is goodbye Liam James Payne. and dont bother trying to call to get me back cause i wont answer. have fun with your new toy!" then she hung up. tears were pouring down my face. what just happened? i did not expect this to happen.. i totally forgot about something! Becca and Lily are suppose to come over tonight! just thinking her name made me smile a bit. i shook my head out of my little fantasy. no, i cant ALREADY be thinking about another girl. Danielle and i JUST broke up.  "dude are you ok?" Harry asked walking into the living room in just his boxers. typical Harry. i tried to shake it off. " n-never been b-better" i sniffled. "dont lie to me man! i heard your sobs from my room and thats all the way down the hall!" he said "okay fine... Danielle du-dumped m-me because she th-thinks i was ch-ch-cheating on her with another g-girl."i sobbed out. "was it with that one chick Becca you were telling me about?" he wiggled his eyebrows at me. "i didnt cheat!" i yelled out. i stood up and ran to my room to cool off. Beccas POV "girl, he totally fancys you!" Lily teased.  "no! he has a girlfriend." i blushed she looked at her phone and smiled. "not anymore!" she screamed with happiness. im confused. "wait what?" "Zayn just texted me and said that Danielle broke up with him cause she thought he was cheating on her with you." "oh my god! i feel horrible!" i sat down and put my head in my hands "honey, dont be! now hes on the market!" she winked "im not just gonna barge in there and tell him that i want to get with him! im not like that anymore Lily! i really like him an all, but he just got his heart broken. he needs time to get over her!" "god dang calm down Becca! i was just throwing it out there! seriously what has been up with you lately?" she hissed "i dont want to talk about it! just leave me alone!" i started crying and ran to my room. Lilys POV "Becca please come out? you can tell me whats wrong. we tell each other everything remember?" i had calmed down. now i just want to know what the heck is wrong with her. she came out of her room looking like a total mess. her mascara was running down her cheeks,bad!  "i wish i could tell you,but i really cant!" i pulled her into a hug and just let her sob in my arms for about 5 minutes. "looks like im trashing this shirt" i joked she looked at me, her eyes still glassy."im so sorry! ill buy you a new one!" "no, its ok. i was only joking!" "oh..." "are you still up to going tonight?" "you go ahead and go. i think i need to stay here, im a wreak!" "ok...if thats what you want..." -2 hours later-  when i arrived at the hotel, i decided to walk in. they wouldnt mind, right? "hello"i yelled. where are they? i heard sniffling so i knew atleast one of them was here.then i heard mumbling. i started to look around the hotel. dang, this place is HUGE! i finally found all of them huddled around Liam. he was crying. "poor guy, his heart is broken." they all looked at me as if i had committed a crime. my eyes widened... "OMG! i am so sorry! i did not mean to say that out loud!" "its alright babe, i know you didn't mean it." Zayn said to me pecking my lips. i turned to Liam. "i really am sorry!"i bit my lip. "its alright, you were only speaking the truth." Liam said looking down at the ground "so, Zayn, aren't you gonna introduce us?" a blonde Irish boy asked. "oh right," he said putting his arm around my waist. "Lily, this is Niall," pointing to the Irish blonde. "this is Louis," pointing to a brunette with  a stripped shirt. "and lastly, this is Harry." point to a cute curly haired boy. i smiled at them. "nice to finally meet you." "wheres Becca? i thought she was coming?" Zayn asked. " wasn't in the mood..." i said. "i think Liam needs her" Louis declared "um OK, ill text her an see if she answers." Hey Becca, Liam  really needs you! hes a total wreak just like you! maybe you can comfort each other! -Lilyxxx one minute later she responded from:BeccaBoo<3 ugh fine! but this better not be a scam! -Beccaxxx "boys i have good news, shes coming!" i yelled Beccas POV well it looks like im not staying home alone all night pouting after all... oh well, i guess it will help me get my mind off of things. the reason i have been down lately is because i got some sad news the day before we went to Disney World. The sad news was that my parents were getting a divorce. to top it all off my ex boyfriend came to my work trying to get me back. i will never forgive him for what he did to me! first he cheated on me with my own sister! i haven't talked to my sister since that day i caught them making out. i didn't say this before cause i disowned her but i have a sister who is two years older then me. her name is Katelyn and she tries to take my boyfriends away from me. she is one of the reasons i moved to Florida. anyways, he decided to fly all the way from Manchester to win me seriously its been about 2 and a half years since we have dated! well i told him i didn't want to get back together and after my work shift was over he waited for me and beat me leaving bruises all over my arms and legs. they went away after a week or so but saying its the middle of the summer it was hard to hide. i haven't told Lily any of this and im not planning on it. i don't want anyone to know. whatever, Liam needs me and im gonna try and cheer him up. since its already like 8:00 there's no point on dressing up, so i decided to stay comfy:   off i go! -10 Minutes Later- i finally got to the hotel. i knocked on the door and Niall answered. "hey Niall." "umm, you must be Becca?" i nodded "oh thank god your here!" he said. "Liams in there." he pointed to oneF of the bedrooms. i walked in there to see everyone in there, except for Niall that is. hes probably eating something right now. i have to admit i am a pretty big fan of One Direction, so when i saw all of them i had to stay under control. Liam looked and saw me. he automatically light up. i saw that his eyes were all puffy, but so were mine. i had been crying in the car. i ran to him and gave him a big hug. "umm, well all of us are gonna go watch a movie, so we will just leave you two alone" Harry said. "you kids have fun now" he winked then closed the door. what a perv.  "Liam?" i said pulling away from our hug. "Yeah Becca?" he answered sniffling a bit. "i feel like this is all my fault!" i burst out into tears. honestly, i don't know why. maybe i felt guilty? "Becca, sweety! don't cry. this whole thing was just a misunderstanding." he said pulling me into his arms once more. "are you sure?" i asked "100%"  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ we ended up talking for hours. he told me everything. said said he only has one kidney that works so he has to be careful with what he does. Liam even told me that he has a phobia of spoons! funny right?well i also ended up telling him everything. even about my parents and my crazy ex. he really gets me.i feel like i can tell him anything now. "lets go and see what the other ones are doing?" i asked. "sure" he smiled i grabbed his hand and walked to the living room. Lily and Zayn were cuddled up on the couch snogging, i laughed to myself. they cant get enough of each other can they?Harry was intensely watching the Notebook. what a chick.. Niall and Louis were both passed out on the floor. Liam fake coughed and the two lovebirds finally pulled away from each other. Zayn had a smirk on his face when he saw me and Liam.  "lets watch the Avengers!" i yelled jumping up and down. we all sat around the TV and watched the movie until we all fell asleep 

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