Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


30. Chapter 28-Jailbreak

Lily's POV
" I can't believe we're going to do this!" Louis whispered nervously as we parked the car about a half mile from the prison.

" How do you even know about all this stuff?" Zayn whispered to me.

" Shhh! I have my ways!" I hushed all of them.

 All of us were dressed in black and now walking towards the prison.

" What if we get caught?" Harry looked at me as we neared the gates.

" This will work. Look, there's a fence in the back part of the yard where there's a big hole. We can get through there and back without getting caught." No one questioned me but looked at me like I had some big secret they weren't in on.

The searchlights came towards us. " Duck!" I whisper-yelled and everyone dived out of the way in time.

I pointed to where the hole was and we slipped through unnoticed.

Stephanie's POV
I gathered my things - which wasn't much to be honest- and slipped out of my cell. They lock the doors at night but I'm so small I can slip through anytime I want. I crept down the hall to where Becca was waiting for me. I mouthed for her to go  to the cafeteria and into the kitchen. When we got there she turned to me.

" Steph! how are we going to do this? We're going to get caught!" She looked at me frantically.

"Trust me, we won't get caught." I assured her. She nodded and we went through the back of the kitchen and out the door.

Becca's POV
We went through a back door in the kitchen I never knew was there, and into the yard. Stephanie pointed to the back of the yard and to a fence with a huge hole in it that I also didn't know was there. I saw some people-5 to be exact- but I figured it was some more convicts hoping to escape. As we got closer, I recognized them to be the boys and Lily, but no Liam. I was so happy that they were there but also confused how they knew about this. We approached them and Stephanie and Lily exchanged some hurried whispers and motioned for us to go back out the hole.

We ran to where Lily and the boys had parked the car and jumped in. We drove off without saying a word, even though I had a thousand questions running through my mind.

At the Hotel- Lily's POV

As soon as we closed the door behind us everyone started yelling questions at me and Stephanie. My head started to hurt so I yelled at them to sit down and I would answer any questions they had. Harry raised his hand first.

" How did you know that Becca and this lady would be breaking out the same time we would be breaking in?"

" First of all, her name is Stephanie, and-" I started.

" Wait!" Zayn said. " We need to call Liam. He deserves to know this too."

I sighed. " Fine, but Becca are you okay if he comes here?"

She looked sad bu angry at the same time. " Yeah, just as long as no one mentions......HER...."

Zayn nodded and called Liam.

" He's on his way over." He said once he hung up.

I wonder how this is gonna go down....

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