Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


23. Chapter 21- Interrogations and Search Warrants

Lily's POV " Where did he go? He's been gone a while...." I wondered out loud to Zayn. " I don't know. Probably just cooling off..." He answered, still shaking. " I'm going to find him!" I announced and walked outside. I walked down the beach until I saw Liam talking to Danielle. He looked like he was yelling at her so I hid behind a bush. I watched them until Danielle kissed Liam. I expected him to pull away in disgust since, oh, I don't know, SHE KILLED HIS GIRLFRIENDS MOTHER! And not to mention got Becca sent to jail! But he didn't! He stood there and wrapped his arms around her like they were still dating. I couldn't watch anymore. I climbed out of my hiding place and walked back to the hotel, shaking my head. Liam is so going to pay for this, just not now....... Becca's POV " I didn't kill her!" I yelled to the detective. I was sitting in the interrogation room at the county jail. " Oh you didn't? Then why is the murder weapon covered in your hand prints?" He yelled back. I took a deep breath. " That night, Danielle asked me and Lily to help make dinner. I cut the potatoes with THAT knife." Detective Matthews leaned forward. " And who is Lily?" " She's my best friend." " Tell the front desk to call Lily and the rest of them down to the station. We need to get some statements." He said to the cop standing next to him. Detective Matthews turned back to me. " When they get here you will be able to see your friends. But it will be supervised. And you'll still be handcuffed." My eyes widened. Seriously? He smirked. " Take Ms. Wells back to her cell."  (hey that rhymed!- Talls) The cop took me back to my cell and I sat down and tried not to cry. A Few Hours Later " Ms. Wells, get up." The same cop said, lugging me off my bed. We got to the visiting space and I saw Liam and Lily and tears poured down my cheeks. I saw that Lily was crying too. Everyone gathered close for a group hug. " Oh Becca, sweetheart! I promise, we'll get everything straightened out and you can come home! I miss you!" Liam said as he hugged me. Then Lily spoke to me. " Honey, why are you handcuffed? Whatever, I miss you! It's tough being the only girl at the hotel with 5 crazy teenage boys!" She said trying to laugh through her tears. " You still have Danielle." I said sarcastically. Lily laughed out loud. " I said girl, not crazy demon!" Just then the detective spoke up. " I hate to break up the hug fest, but we need to interview each of you." I nodded and hugged Liam one time then we all went to our seperate rooms. Lily's POV I sat down on the cold metal chair and the detective leaned forward. " So, Lily, Becca tells me that you helped her and Danielle make dinner the night of Annie Wells' murder. Is that true?" " Yes. Danielle wouldn't even touch the knife Becca used to cut potatoes. But I don't know much more than that, since Danielle sent me out of the room early." " And where is Danielle now?" " I have no idea. She must be hiding because I haven't seen her since the day Becca was arrested." " Was she staying in the same hotel as you?" " Yeah she and Mrs. Wells were staying in the room next to ours." The detective nodded thoughtfully. " Were they close?" " I guess. Me and Becca came home one day to see them talking in our living room." " What was Danielle doing in your living room?" " She said she was going to trash the place, but Mrs. Wells was already there, so she said she got close to her. I guess this was all revenge against Becca and her mom." " Revenge? Why revenge?" " Well, see, Becca is dating Danielle's ex- boyfriend, and Danielle was crazy jealous. So she sent Becca's ex- boyfriend to kill her, but it didn't work. Then Danielle was going to trash our apartment, but Mrs. Wells was there. So Danielle became friends with her so she could go on vacation with us. In the long run, Danielle killed Annie Wells to get back at both of them." I finished. Detective Matthews raised his eyebrow and finished writing in his notebook. " Thank you, Ms. Graves, you have been a tremendous help today." I nodded and left. Liam's POV " Liam, Ms. Graves tells me that you used to date Ms. Peazer. She also told me Danielle tried to kill Becca. Is that true?" The detective asked. I nodded. " That is exactly right." " So why did Danielle try to kill Becca?" I sighed. " Well, me and Becca met at Disneyworld. The paparazzi got pictures of us together and Danielle thought I was cheating on her. She broke up with me, then decided she wanted me back. So when Lily and Becca came to visit us in England, Danielle sent Ryan, Becca's ex, to kidnap and kill her. But obviously that failed, so Danielle killed Annie Wells." I sighed again. " Thank you, Mr. Payne. Have a nice day. You may leave." I shook his hand and walked out the door. Zayn's POV Detective Matthews looked at me closely. " So I've heard that you are the one dating Lily Graves, yes?" I nodded. " And Liam Payne and Becca are dating, correct?" I nodded again. " What do you think of Becca?" " She's a very nice girl." " Too nice, do you think, to ever murder someone?" I asked " Way too caring. The most she would ever do is hit someone if they were being rude." I answered. " Mmmhmm... What did you think about Danielle Peazer?" " Eh, she was nice enough, I guess. But she did get really jealous if Liam would hug any attractive fans." " Fans? Is that a British slang word or something?" He asked confused. I chuckled a little bit. " No, detective. We're in a band. Ever hear of One Direction?" He nodded and continued to write things in his notebook. " So, you must think, too, that Danielle killed Annie Wells?" " I know she did. Everyone knows it was Danielle. In fact, Becca was clueless about it until I told her." " And how did you find out?" " I heard Danielle's call to the police." " Okay. Thank you for your time, Mr. Malik, you enjoy the rest of your day." I got up and shut the door behind me. Detective Matthews POV I sat in my office, looking over my notes. Everything seemed to lead back to Danielle.  I turned to the officer next to me. " Get people searching for Danielle Peazer. I need to talk to her. Go!" I barked. I will find Danielle Peazer if its the last thing I do.

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