Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


22. Chapter 20-Goodbye

Beccas POV Did I hear Zayn right? "W-what?" "I'm not lying babe. The police called and said they found her down by the beach." "I was just there. There wasn't any cops or anything!" I was annoyed. what kind of sick joke is this? "You guys are messing with me aren't you?" "Becca, we wouldn't lie to you about something like this! The police said she was stabbed. They are still looking for the weapon and this means we are all suspects." Lily spoke up. These words stung. My own mum? Dead? Who would do something like this? I don't even think I meant to say this out loud but i did, "Danielle! She did it!" my face was stained with my tears. "I don't think it was her this time. She went to the store when it happend...Oh shit! Danielle!" Lily blurted "We need to call the cops! And tell them it was her!" Zayn added. Just then, all the boys came in laughing until they saw the three of us looking like a mess. "Whats going on guys?" Harry asked looking very worried. "Beccas mum was stabbed to death and we think Danielle did it." Zayn explained.   "OH MY GOD!" All the boys yelled together. Liam ran over to me and held me as tight as he could. Without suffocating me of course. "What are we suppose to do?" I whisper to Liam because that's all the noise i could manage. "I don't know babe, I don't know." Liams POV Could Danielle really be that shallow? Going off and killing someone just to get to me? I hope she knows that I will definatley  not date her now! Anyways i have Becca and I will never lose her!.  I was still holding her tight when everything seemed to go in slow motion. The cops ran in and Lily and Becca ran to them and tried to explain that it was Danielle. "Officer officer! We know who killed my mother!" Becca screamed. "Rebecca Wells, Your under arrest for the murder of your mother, Annie Wells." The cop grabbed Beccas arm, but she tried to pry it off with her arms reached out to me. What is going on? Becca would never do this! Becca started screaming. "It's not me! It's not me! It was Danielle!" She sobbed out. "You mean her?" The cop pointed to a figure by the door and guess who it was? Danielle. She had looked like she was crying, obviously fake tears because when the cop turned his attention back to Becca she smirked at me. "Becca don't go I know your innocent!" Lily screamed at Becca as she tried to grab her. "The weapon we found at the crime scene has her hand prints on it." Just then, the cop pulled out a knife, stained in blood and Beccas face went pale. "Th-That's the knife I used to-" Becca was cut off by Danielle. "To kill your mum? Yes we know you don't need to explain. And to think we were just becoming friends!" She fake cried. The cop grabbed Beccas arms and handcuffed them. He dragged her down the hall and i followed them. "Becca we will get you out of this!" I yelled. I caught up to them once they were at the cop car. "I love you Becca Wells don't forget that. I kissed her goodbye but it was more like a i tried to kiss her as a cop pulled us apart and threw me to the side and yelled at me. Becca screamed as we were tore apart and a tear slid down my cheek as the car drove away. She was gone and i wont know when i will ever see her again.  A sudden burst of anger shot threw me. Danielle killed Annie not Becca! I ran back up to where everyone was and all four of the boys were crying along with Becca. I looked around for Danielle but she wasn't there.  "Guys, Wheres Danielle?" I half shouted half screamed. "Sh-sh-she went to th-the beach." Lily cried out. "That bitch!" I yelled as I stormed to the beach. When I got to the beach I saw Danielle sitting in the sand."Stand up!" I yelled She looked up and smiled. "Anything for you," She winked. "Don't play with me like that Danielle! I Know you killed her and not Becca!" "What are you talking about babe? Her hand prints were on the knife not mine!" She protested "I bet your up to something aren't you?" I glared. She smiled. "Your right I am. I've been dying to do this!" Suddenly i felt a pair of lips on mine. They were familiar and kind of felt nice. I kissed back...

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