Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


3. Chapter 1-Disney World

Lily's POV  I stared out the window to glance at where we were.The beautiful breeze making my hair go insane. "Becca,how far out are we?"I asked. "Don't ask me.look at the GPS."She hissed. Gosh she can be such a bitch sometimes.Whatever,I'll just ignore it and go back to singing along to the music.Becca's car was a hot pink convertible and it was the middle of summer.I thought of a song to listen to,and it suddenly hit me.I found it on my iPhone and turned it on full blast.I giggled as Becca had a fangirl attack.Yes,we are huge ass Justin Bieber fans.But who isn't? If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go-We both sang along at the top of our lungs,horribly. "Finally!!We're here!"I screamed.Even though I'm 18,Disney World is still amazing.It makes me feel like a little kid again. "Let's go Becca!"I said to Becca just nudging her a bit.She rolled her eyes and started walking.Seriously,what's with her today?Today is suppose to be fun? Becca's POV I started to walk towards the ticket place to get tickets for me and Lily.I realized I have been kind of pissy today,but I'm just not really in the mood.Let's hope Disney World will help me get in a better mood.It's the Happiest Place on Earth,right? ****************************************************************************************************************************************************** "Come on Becca!" Lily whined at me,trying to pull me to a rollercoaster.I shook my head no. "Fine....What's up with you today?" "I don't know......"I sighed. "Ooooh!Let's go to the toystore!That always cheers you up,yeah?" I didn't even wait for her.I took off in the direction of the toystore. "Bitch!Get back here!"Lily yelled,running after me. "Screw you,hoe!"I screamed,running into the store.I turned around to look at Lily,who caught up,and at the same time I ran straight into someone.The person dropped their bags all over the floor."Oh my god!I'm so sorry!"I bent over to help them pick up their...Nerf guns? "No,no.Really,it's fine."A sexy British accent said.I snapped my head up.He had curly brown hair and amazing brown eyes. "Hi,I'm Becca."I said,my natural flirtiness kicking in."What were you doing in the toy store?" He ran a hand through his hair.I held in a swoon. "I could ask you the same thing."He said cheekily. I smiled."I really like toy stores." He stuck out his hand."Hi,I'm Liam Payne." Why does that sound familiar.....? Lily's POV While Becca was chatting up the curly brunette,I approached his friend.He had black hair and had both of his ears pierced.HOT! "So,they really are hitting it off,yeah?"I paused."What's your name?" At first,he looked a little surprised,but then he relaxed."Yeah,definetly.My name's Zayn.It's too bad Liam has a girlfriend." I laughed."It's not like that's gonna stop her." All of a sudden he asked me,"You seriously don't know who we are?" "A really cute British boy I just met?" Now he laughed."So,what are you two doing after this?Maybe we could hang out after this?" He said hopefully. "sure, ill go ask Becca." -4 hours later- "Zayn! get back here! Give me back my phone!" i yelled at him. "not until we go on the Ferris Wheel!" he teased  "look there's no line!" i laughed at him. hes such a dork. we had been hanging out all day long! "fine lets go."  when we go in line, i spotted Becca and Liam at a game booth. Liam was trying his luck at baseball. i waved them over... "hey guys! me and Zayn are going on the Ferris Wheel and then we need to get going, alright?" i said in a somewhat motherly tone. Becca wagged her eyebrows at me then walked away, taking Liam by the hand along with her. i looked at zayn,who was pouting. "do you HAVE too leave so soon?" he said in a disappointed tone. "come on, don't be sad! look, we can get on the ride now." i said. his eyes lit up as soon as he pulled me up onto the Ferris Wheel. as we went higher and higher, Zayn started to talk. " know that band One Direction?" he asked nervously. "kind of. ive only heard that one song on the radio. what makes you beautiful?" "oh. well im in that band" he said slowly, eyeing me, searching for a reaction. "ok. oh, yeah! well thats cool" i smiled Zayn let out a huge sigh of relief. suddenly he grabbed both of my hands and looked right into my eyes. "Lily, this might sound a bit hasty, but i really really fancy you and i wanted to know if you would like to be my girlfriend?" i didnt even answer. i wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him right on the lips "does that answer your question? " i smiled and so did he. Beccas POV me and Liam were standing on the pier looking out at the Atlantic ocean. this would have been romantic, but sadly he has a girlfriend.then Liam suddenly turned to me. "Becca?" he asked. "yeah?"i answered. "i dont know if you already figured this out, but im  in the band One Direction." of course! Liam Payne, Danielle Peazer! all the gears clicked in my head. i kept calm. "really? i thought you were familiar..." " so you wont freak out?" Liam asked me. "of course not! im totally okay with it." i answered him "how about we walk back? Lily and Zayn are probably waiting." he sighed. "not that they'd know if we were there or not, if ya know what i mean" i snickered Liam laughed "lets get going" and i was right. as soon as we saw Zayn and Lily, they were sitting on a bench, having a total snog-fest. "told you!" i screamed, loud enough to snap them back to reality. Lily and Zayn both blushed and started laughing. "alright lovebirds,me and Zayn need ot get back to the hotel." Liam stated. Lily just sighed "okay...bye Zayn, see you later!" Lily said with fake cheerfulness. Lily leaned in to peck Zayns lips, but it turned into another snog-fest. i turned to Liam "so...i guess ill see you later?"i said to him. "definatly! we can still be friends right?" he asked "yeah..." i trailed off. "okay, lets go!" Lily clapped her hands and we started walking towards by car. we were almost at the car when the boys stopped us. "wait! umm.. do you girls want to come over and meet the rest of the band sometime next week?" Zayn asked us. "sure! that would be awesome!" we both said at the same time. Lily looked at me and started laughing. sh kissed Zayn goodbye and then we were gone i started thinking... well this should be fun...

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