Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


20. Chapter 18-Your Not Trustworthy

Becca's POV -The Next Day I woke up with Liam laying next to me snoring softly. I checked the clock. It was only 9:30 but I couldn't fall back asleep, so I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. When I came out I was all ready to go.

and I found Liam in the little kitchen making coffee. I snuck up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He turned around and smiled at me. " Good morning love. You look really nice today." Liam complemented. " Thanks Liam. You don't look too bad yourself." I replied. He smiled again and we started making out. Then Louis walked in with his Superman pajamas on. " Louis what are you doing in here?" Liam whispered annoyed. Louis didn't say anything. He crawled into our bed and fell asleep. " Sleepwalking again." Liam muttered. " Should we wake everyone up? It's past eleven." I said. He nodded. " I'll wake up the boys in the other room. You get Lily, Zayn, and Louis." I nodded and he walked into the boys' room. I crept up beside Louis and screamed in his face. He jumped out of the bed and fell on the floor. He scowled up at me. " Payback my dearest Lou." I smiled innocently. Lily's POV I was having the best dream ever! It was about me and Zayn's future family and our kids were so cute! But right at the end someone started tickling me. I saw that it was Becca and I started laughing. " Becca stop it!" I said still laughing.  She stopped. " Get up and get dressed. And wake up Zayn! I've tried waking him up but he sleeps like a dead person!" Becca said laughing.  I nodded and sat on top of Zayn. I bent down and started kissing his neck and ears. He woke up. " I could get used to waking up like that." Zayn said with his sexy sleepy voice.  He started kissing me and soon we were making out. I pulled away. " Get up and get ready! I'm going to take a shower." I said. I walked into the bathroom and came out all dressed Everyone was already in our room and dressed. Harry looked like he was going to kill Liam. I wonder how he woke them up? " Why did you wake us up?" Zayn asked Liam. " Because we're going to the beach!" Becca squealed.  " Yay! I want to make a sand castle!" Niall said happily. " I guess I'll leave mum a note..." Becca said. She wrote the note and we all made our way out of the hotel. Niall had grabbed his sand bucket and shovel. We got to the beach only to be surrounded by fans and paparazzi. They were all shouting questions and screaming. A lot of the girls were screaming insults at me and Becca and all the boys made a circle around us so none of the fans could attack us.  " I guess we can't go to the beach..." Niall said sadly. " Let's just go to a restaurant and eat. I'm hungry." Becca said. We eventually lost the paparzzi and went to a little cafe down the street and sat down at one of the tables. And guess who else was there? Annie and Danielle. Annie recognized us and waved us over. I looked at Becca, who already had an expressionless face. We walked over and sat down. God, this is going to be interesting. Becca's POV Seriously? My mom looked at me like I was supposed to say something to her. I gave a little half wave and my mom clucked her tongue. There was an awkward silence so the boys tried to fill it. " Annie, it was so crazy! We were going to go to the beach but then a bunch of paparazzi showed up. So we came here and now we're with you! Isn't that weird?" Niall said. My mom was not listening at all. She was too busy staring me down. Finally she spoke up, " Becca, Lily, can I talk to you, now?" I raised my eyebrow at the same time Lily did. We followed her to the other side of the cafe and she turned around. " Look girls, I know you don't like Danielle. You've made that VERY clear. But can you talk to me please? We're on vacation and I don't want to spend it knowing my daughters are mad at me!" She finished. I looked at Lily and she shrugged. I sighed and turned to my mom. " Fine. We'll talk to you. But I'm still not talking to Danielle. I don't trust her. At all." I said. My mom deflated a little bit and pursed her lips." Alright. But try to be civil, please?" " We'll be civil, Annie. We just won't be nice." Lily stated. We walked back to the table and sat down. The waitor brought us food and we ate in silence. This is going to be a long vacation.

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