Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


19. Chapter 17-Silent Treatment

Becca's POV I was sitting in the back of my mom's car trying not to scream at her. How could she not believe her own daughter and instead believe some crazy chick she's known for two weeks? It was just another way that Danielle has ruined my life. Anyways we were on our way to the airport and Danielle is sitting in the front seat talking to my mom. Do you know how many times I've imagined her death? Jeez look what Danielle has done to me! Me and Lily were in the very back seat whispering. We finally pulled up to the airport. Lily and I jumped out of the car with our bags and walked into the airport wthout saying a word. My mum and It caught up with us and mum looked mad. "Girls! Why would you jump out like that? You scared me to death!" My mom yelled. Me and Lily both dropped our hips and crossed our arms. I raised one of my eyebrows and Lily looked at Danielle. My mum's lips pursed. Did I mention neither of us has spoken one word to my mum or Danielle since the fight? My mum sighed and picked up her bags and her and Danielle walked away to get their tickets. " Where are the boys? I can't wait to ride on their private jet!" Lily squealed. Oops. I forgot to mention that too. We're not riding with my mum and Danielle. The boys invited us to ride on their jet! " Liam just texted me. He said their almost here." I informed her. Lily nodded and we waited at the gate the boys said they would pick us up at. As I looked around I noticed a lot of young girls at the same gate. Uh-oh. Lily's POV " Zayn! Boys! Over here!" I yelled when I saw them. Becca covered my mouth. " Shut up! The girls might hear you!" She hissed. " Too late." I motioned to the girls screaming and running towards the boys. Harry and Niall ran over to get us. " Come on girls lets go quick!" Niall said grabbing our bags. We nodded and fast-walked towards the gate with our heads down and Harry put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me away from one crazy fan who tried to attack me. All of us made it safely out of the airport and onto the plane. Zayn sat down next to me and kissed me.  " Hey! Sorry about the fans..." He said lamely. I laughed and poked his cheek. " I've been dating you long enough that the fans don't bother me anymore." After about half an hour on the plane,everyone had gathered in a circle on the floor and we were all talking about Danielle and Annie. " I still can't believe your mom won't listen to us." Niall said to Becca. " Yeah. Me neither. She's still mad at me and Lily for not talking to her at all." Becca said. " What do you mean?" Harry asked confused. " Me and Becca haven't talked to Annie at all since we fought the first time." I answered. An awkward silence fell over the group so I got up and sat on the couch next to Zayn. " Wake me up when we're about to land." I said as I layed down and immediately fell to sleep. Becca's POV " Lily, wake up! We're here!" I said, shaking her shoulder. Lily sat up groggily and got off the couch. She stretched then turned to me. " Where are the boys?" She asked now fully awake. " They said they'd meet us at the hotel." I said. Lily nodded and we got our stuff and got off the plane. " So I guess we should go to the hotel since your mom and It aren't here yet?" Lily said emphisizing the word 'It'. I laughed. " Why do you keep calling her It?" I asked. Lily shrugged. "Let's go get a shuttle to take us there." When we got to the hotel we went inside and I got our room keys. We took the elevator up to the 10th floor and found our rooms. I plopped down on one of the two beds and called Liam. " Hey babe where are you?" I asked. " We're coming up the elevator now. 10th floor right?" Liam said. " Yup. See you soon love you!" I hung up. 2 minutes later the guys walked in. " I call this bed!" Harry yelled setting his stuff on the other bed. " Nope thats my bed. You guys are all staying in the other room." Lily said pushing Harry off her bed. Everyone walked into the boys' room and they all started yelling out where they were sleeping. " I call sleeping with Louis!" Harry yelled grabbing his arm. " I'll sleep with Liam!" Niall yelled. " Haha nope sorry Nialler! Liam's with me!" I said to him and he gave me the puppy dog face. I shook my head and Niall turned to Zayn and smiled. " I'm sleeping with Lily. Sorry, mate." Zayn said. " Oh well. I get the bed all to myself!" Niall yelled spreading out on the bed. Just then my mom walked in with Danielle. All of us fell silent and me and Lily blank stared them. " Oh hello. I was just coming in to ask where me and Danielle would be sleeping." My mom said. I didn't say anything but I got up and unlocked the other door that connected with ours. I stepped aside so they could get in. " Becca, I wish you would stop this and talk to me!" My mom said. " Yeah, Becca. It's very disrespectful." Danielle added. I shot her a death glare. If only looks could kill!

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