Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


17. Chapter 15-My Mum And The Enemy

Lily's POV I don't know why I screamed. Nothing was broken or stolen that I could see. But I did see something that would give me nightmares for weeks. Danielle Peazer. And Mrs. Wells. TALKING. Like they were old friends or something. When I screamed Becca's mom whipped around and Danielle smirked at us like she won. Bitch this is so not over. " Girls! You look like you've seen a ghost!" Becca's mom said while hugging us both. " Sorry mom, you kind of...erm...took us by surprise is all." I said while eyeing Danielle. Yes I know Mrs. Wells isn't my mom but I've known her my whole life so yeah. " I just came to check on Becca. Danielle told me she saw you too at a club with 5 guys. What is going on, you just got better!" Annie, Becca's mom, said in a motherly tone. " We were with some friends celebrating my recovery....." Becca trailed off. "Okay. Well I came in to find this very nice young lady Danielle sitting on the couch all alone. She said she knows you from work, Becca." " Uh, yeah, hey Danielle, what's up?" Becca said trying not to sound weirded out. " Becca, Lily, can I speak to you two in private?" Danielle said, totally faking a smile. Becca looked at me and I nodded so we followed Danielle into my bedroom. She shut the door. " What the hell are you doing in our apartment?" I blurted. Danielle looked at her nails like she could care less. "Well I was going to wreck the place, but then your mom walked in and ruined everything." She said it like someone broke her favorite toy. "So i decided to talk to her and get her to believe we're friends." " I swear to god, if you hurt my mum I will personally kick your head off." Becca growled at her. " Oh i won't hurt her or you, IF you break up with Liam by tomorrow. Then there's no guareenting what I'll do to you two." Danielle said, totally blackmailing us. " Why do you have to bring my mum and Lily into this? It's not about them, it's between us." Becca said defending me. Danielle snorted. "Whatever, Becca." She walked out the door and to the front door. " Bye Mrs. Wells. I'll call you later." Danielle said and left.  My jaw hit the floor. They exchanged numbers?! I hate to admit, but Danielle is good. Becca's POV God, Danielle has some nerve! Breaking into my apartment then she goes and becomes friends with my mom? Seriously?! I needed to talk to Liam.  " Come on Lily let's go. Bye mom love you!" I called and we started hurrying out the door. My mom stopped us. "Oh no you don't. You're staying right here and explaining to me how the magazines have photos of you two snogging popstars!" Annie said grabbing our arms and sitting us down on the couch. So we told her how we all met, what happened between us and the boys, how me and Liam and Zayn and Lily are dating, and finally why we weren't home last night. My mum leaned back and crossed her arms. "Hmmm..... You haven't had sex with them, right?" "Mom!No we have not!" I said. "Good I don't have to strangle two 19 year old boys. Why don't you invite them over? I'd love to chat with them." She said sweetly. I groaned and pulled out my phone. My mom is so overprotective sometimes! I called them and told them al to come over. " They'll be here soon." I announced. *Their just waiting it's not reallly important blah blah blah 10 minutes later* "Hello? Becca? We're here!" Liam said as he walked into the living room. " Hello boys. Why don't you all sit down?" My mom said folding her hands in her lap. The boys all looked at each other and sat down. Zayn and Liam sat next us and grabbed our hands. "So I take it you 2 are the ones dating my girls? Zayn and Liam?" She asked. They nodded and Zayn spoke up. "Excuse me for asking, but why did you want to talk to us?" He asked nervously.  Yes, my mother can even intimidate world famous singers. " Just to talk. I want to get to know the boys my kids are in love with." "Oh, okay. Why are we here?" Louis asked politely. " Aren't you their friends? And I think I recognize you from somewhere....Are you famous?" "Yes we are. We're the band One Direction." Niall said. "Oh how lovely! Liam, Zayn, may I speak to you in private?" My mom looked at them. "Come on, guys. Let's go in the kitchen." Lily said getting up. I saw Harry give the guys glad-it-isn't-me look and then we went to the kitchen. Annie's POV I knew I was scaring the boys. I wasn't meaning too, I just wanted to know who the boys were that my daughters have been spending all their time with. "So, boys, do you love my daughters?" I asked them outright. I found it was the best way to get what you want. The curly one-Liam?- spoke up first. " Of course we love them. Becca is my world. I don't know what I would do without her." He said sincerely. Zayn followed. " Lily is amazing. I love her with everything. I would do anything to see her smile. I will never hurt her again." As soon as he said again his eyes widened and I leaned forward. "What do you mean 'again', Zayn?" I asked. "Well, she caught me kissing Niall's friend. But she kissed me. Lily was mad at me for a while but she forgave me." He told me without any hesitation. Well at least he's honest. I nodded. " You haven't had sex with them?" I know I already asked the girls, but you can never be too safe. Liam coughed. "No, Mrs.Wells, we haven't had sex with them." "Would you? Be honest." "When the time is right and we've been together for longer and if they want to do that then yes. But for now, no." Zayn said bluntly. I like him. "Well just remember to be safe." I said very motherly. They blushed and looked away. "Well you two seem like very nice boys and I think you're good for them. Especially you, Liam. You know Becca hasn't had a healthy relationship in a while. So don't hurt her." I looked at him and he nodded. "Same with you, Zayn." He nodded thoughtfully and they got up and walked to the kitchen. I followed. "Others, follow me." I looked at the rest of them and walked back to the living room. Lily's POV "Oh my god what she say?" I asked them as soon as she left. "Don't worry, love. Just normal questions a mom would ask her daughter's boyfriend." Zayn said kissing me. "Oh god she pulled the sex card didn't she?" Becca said. "The sex card? Does she pull that a lot?" Liam asked hugging Becca's waist. "She asked us if we had sex with you, we said no, then she asked us if we would, which I'll admit was kind of strange, and we said yes then she was done." "It's worse than it usually is. Probably becaise you're famous." I said almost to myself. "What does she have against famous people?" Zayn asked. "She's convinced that all celebrities use people for sex so she doesn't really like them. But she seems to like you two." Becca said. "Oh..." The boys said and it got kind of awkward. I have a habit of laughing when things get awkward. I started giggling and so did Becca. "What?" Liam asked confused. "Never mind. Holy shit we didn't tell you!" I said. "What happened?" Zayn asked protectively. I smiled and squeezed his hand. "Danielle was in our apartment, talking to my mum like they were old friends." Becca growled. "What?" Liam said again. "Yeah. Then she said that if Becca didn't break up with you by tomorrow, she was gonna kill her mom." I said quietly. "Oh my god. Do you think she'll do it?" Zayn asked. "Probably! If you haven't noticed, she's a crazy psycopaththat is strangely obsessed with my boyfriend!" Becca broke down and started crying. ", it's okay love don't cry......" Liam said wiping her tears. Zayn turned to me. " Did she threaten you at all?" "Not directly. She said 'If you don't break up with him by tomorrow, then there's no guarenteeing what I'll do to you two.'" Zayn hugged me protectively and whispered almost to himself, "I'll never let anyone hurt you ever again."  I pulled away and kissed him. He deepened the kiss. I love this boy. Becca's POV We had all been on edge for the past 2 weeks. There's still no sign of Danielle and I'm getting really scared. What if she kills my mum? Anyways right now everyone was sitting one the couch at the boys hotel room trying to watch a movie but we keep talking about Danielle. " Do you think she's really gonna hurt your mum?" Niall asked. " Can we please just not talk about her anymore?" I said annoyed. Niall looked at me sympathetically and kept watching the movie.  Just then my phone rang. I checked the caller I.D. thinking it was going to be Danielle but it was my mom. I answered and put her on speaker. " Hey mum you're on speaker!" I said. " Hi Annie!" Everyone said at the same time. " Hello boys and girls! Becca, the reason I called is to tell you that we're going on a family vacation!" She squealed. " Awesome! Lily and the boys can come too, right?" I asked. " Sure! I mean, if its okay with their boss and everything." My mom said. "When are we going? And where?" Lily asked. " We're going to the Bahamas next week! I know its kind of close to where you two live, but we're in England!"  " Sorry to spoil everyone's mood but we have a tour starting next week so we can't go." Liam said sadly. All the boys " aww'd " at the same time. " Oh thats too bad. Sorry boys! But there is one thing I didn't mention..." My mom trailed off. " What is it?" Me and Lily asked confused. " It won't just be the family going. Someone else is coming too." Mom said growing more excited. I had a sick feeling in my stomach just from the way she said it. My mom told us who was coming and I fainted. This is SO not happening to me right now.......

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