Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


16. Chapter 14-Party Foul

Lily's POV " Where are they?" I said ,hugging my coat closer to me. We were supposed to be getting picked up by the boys but I guess they're late. re they are!" Becca said, running toward the street. I smiled and followed. The boys pulled up in a limo. Louis stuck his head out the window. "Hey girls! Get in and let's go!" He said in his high-pitched voice. I laughed and me and Becca got in. "Sorry it took so long but little miss Zayn had to do his hair." Harry said smirking at Zayn.  "What about you miss 'oh my outfit isn't right, oh neither is this one'!" Zayn said in a mocking tone. Everyone started laughing. "Well I think you look great, Zayn." I said, kissing him. "And you don't look too bad yourself, Harry." Since I was sitting right next to him I kissed his cheek. I felt Zayn tense up a little. I sighed, turned around and kissed him right on the lips. He relaxed and I pulled away and whispered in his ear. " It's okay. you know I don't think about Harry like that." I whispered to Zayn. "Ooo telling someone dirty things about tonight are we Lily?" Louis asked me wiggling his eyebrows. "Shut up, Lou, you wish." I said chucking a pillow at him.  " Oh it is on like donkey kong!" He screamed. He chucked a pillow at me then started tickling me. "Louis stop it! Zayn help me!" I shouted between laughing. "Never fear! Superman is here!" He yelled and tackled Louis. I don't know how he did it in a limo, but he tackled him. " HEY! Superman is MY thing!" Louis screamed. He dove for Zayn but Harry stopped him. " It's okay BooBear. You still have me." Harry said patting his back. " That's true, Hazza." He kissed Harry's cheek then glared at me and Zayn.  ( Heart for Larry Stylinson-Talls <3) The whole time this was happening, Becca and Liam were snogging and not paying attention whatsoever, and Niall was laughing hysterically for about 5 minutes after it all ended. Finally we pulled up to the club. "Niall stop laughing that happened 10 minutes ago." I said to him smiling. "I know but- you-and louis-tickling-superman!" He said and started laughing again. We all got out of the car after Louis screamed in Becca and Liam's faces to get a room. We walked into the club laughing. The club was huge! There must have been 500 people dancing,drinking,and screaming. Zayn and me went to the dance floor with Becca and Liam, Harry went to find a girl, and Louis and Niall were having a dance off by the bar. We all started dancing and just having a good time. 2 hours later Everyone was drunk except for Liam, of course. Me and Zayn were making out intensly on the dance floor, Becca and Liam were grinding, Harry went off to do who-know's-what with a random blonde chick, Louis left an hour ago and Niall was dancing with a bunch of girls. It had been a pretty good night. We all took shots for Becca's healing and the drinks just started flowing after that. Becca's POV I was completely wasted. I'm sure it wasn't the best thing i could do, considering I just got better, but what the hell, right? Me and Liam were kissing when all of a sudden I had to puke. I pulled away and ran to the bathroom. I started vomiting while Liam held my hair. I stood up and cleaned myself up in the mirror. I washed my mouth out with the mouthwas I keep in my purse and we went back onto the dance floor. "I'm gonna go get a drink!" I shouted to Liam. He nodded and I staggered to the bar only to find the one and only......Danielle. "What are you doing here?" She hissed at me. "This is a public club, thank you very much. And it's none of your business to know what I'm doing anyways." I slurred back. Danielle glared at me. " Break up with him by Tuesday or you're a dead man, Wells." She started walking away. " I am a WOMAN not a man, fuck you very much!" I yelled after her but I guess she didn't hear. I shrugged and went back to the dance floor with Liam. " Oh my god, you would not believe who I just ran into." I said to Liam. " Who?" He said, starting to dance with me. " Danielle! Can you believe it?" I said. Oh my god she didn't do anything to you did she?" He asked, worried. " Nope. She just said to break up with you by tuesday or she's gonna be a dead man." I said drunkenly. " Let's get you back home, alright?" He said leading me off the dance floor. "No! I wanna partyy." I said to Liam.  " Come on everybody, we're leaving!" I yelled to rest of them. Lily and Zayn finally stopped trying to eat each other and Lily got Niall and Harry and we left. The ride home was pretty quiet except for Lily and Zayn tongue wrestling the whole way. We got home and Liam carried me up the stairs and into his bedroom. I took off my dress and passed out on the bed. The Next Day "Becca, wakey wakey." Someone said in my ear. " Go away Liam." I said still half asleep. " Fine, we're gonna do this the hard way." The person said and left the room. They came back and started banging pots and pans together. I bolted up. "Louis what the hell! I'm tired and I have a hangover!" I yelled. he just shrugged and threw me over his shoulder and walked into the living room. "Louis put me down!" I screamed hitting his back. He dropped me on the couch and handed me a bloody mary. I gulped it down and looked around at everyone else. " Seriously? You just let him do that?" I said glaring at them and trying to sound angry. They just starting laughing. "Liam!" I glared at him. He was still smiling. "Sorry babe I would've woken you up but Louis won rock paper scissors." He said. " What time is it?" I asked. " Around 1:00." Lily informed me. "Who wants to watch a movie since we're not doing anything?" She asked. Everyone settled down on the couch while Harry picked a movie. "How about Paranormal Activity?" He said. All the boys agreed but me and Lily shook our heads. " Aww come on girls me and Liam will be here to protect you." Zayn said pulling Lily closer to him.  We both gave in and Harry popped the disc in and went and sat next to Louis and Lily. The movie started and I winced. " The movie hasn't even started yet, love." Liam said looking down at me. " I know I just hate scary movies." I said fearfully. He squeezed my waist and we started to watch the movie.  Every time something even kind of scary happened me and Lily screamed and covered our eyes. The boys just laughed at us until finally the movie was over. I uncovered my eyes. "Okay, how about we never watch that movie again?" Lily said still holding tightly onto Zayn's arm. "I agree. How about we play Dance Central 2?" I suggested. The boys and Lily all agreed and I set it up. First Louis and Harry, then Harry and Zayn, then Zayn and Louis, then Louis and Liam, next Liam and Niall, then Lily and Zayn, then me and Liam, aand finally it was me and Lily's turn. " Let's do our song!" Lily jumped up and down. I nodded excitedly and put it on. "Watch out boys. Me and Lily are really good at this one." I said over my shoulder and we started dancing. The song was " You're a Jerk" by New Boyz, and we hit every move perfectly. We started laughing when the boys were staring at us grind during the freestyle. Zayn and Liam were watching intensely throughout the whole thing. At the end, we both got a perfect score. " Wow." The  boys breathed. Lily looked at them weird. "Hello? It was the sexy jerk, not a striptease." She said. " Why not?" Zayn said looking at Lily seductively. " Oh teenage boys. Such horny little creeps." I laughed and sat down on Liam's lap. Lily and Zayn started to make out. I looked at Liam and we started making out. "I AM NO LONGER INNOCENT!!!!" Niall yelled covering his eyes and running to his room. We all started laughing and I looked at my phone. " Hey Lily we should get going. We haven't been home in a while." She sighed and got up. " I guess you're right. See you later guys. Love you, Zayn." We packed up our stuff and started walking out the door. " Wait! If we can't come with you, can I at least drive you home?" Liam almost pleaded. " Let's go, lover boy." I said and he started driving towards our apartment. Liam pulled up and we got out. As he was driving away my phone beeped. It was a text from an unknown number. I opened it up and it said: Are you sure you're okay all alone? You never know what could've happened to your house while you were gone. Don't forget: Tuesday Liam and you are over or there is  nowhere you could go to escape me. I gasped and quickly unlocked the door to our flat. I burst inside and looked around in horror at what I saw. Lily ran up behind me and screamed.

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