Two Boys In A Toy Store

Lily and Becca think they are just going to Disney World to have fun. What they dont know is they are about to run into the loves of thier lives and run into many obstacles through there relationship...


15. Chapter 13-You again

Beccas POV It's been about two weeks and the doctors finally allowed me to go home. Even though I get to go home well Liam's flat,  I still have to stay in bed. My ribs still hurt like hell but that's  normal.  Liam won't leave my Side since he's scared that Danielle is going to do something to me. My opinion is she's all talk and no harm. To be honest I  don't believe that but I tell myself that because I am actually very terrified! "hey babe do you need anything?" I heard Liam yell from the kitchen. I am snuggled up under my covers feeling lonely and very hungry. "will you please make me a sandwich then get your butt in here because I want to cuddle!" I begged "okay I'll be there in like five minutes" Liam shouted Five minutes later Liam came in with my sandwich and cuddled himself under the covers as well. I looked up into his deep brown sparkling eyes, "Liam?" I ask "yes love?" Liam answers "What are we going to do about Danielle?" "well we are gonna lay low and let her cool off while you heal." " But what if she try's something while I'm still crippled?" "Nothing is going to happen to you as long as I'm right here by your side" Liam looked down at me and smiled. I could tell he was afraid. "I'll change my appearance if I have to! We can disguise ourselves whenever we are in public! Anything will work Liam I just can't lose you!" I teared up. "Becca, baby don't cry!" he used his thumb to wipe away my tear. "you don't have to change anything about yourself or we don't have to wear a disguise. Everything is going to be okay." he kissed my forehead. "I have an idea, why don't we just get a restraining order?" he asked excitedly "Liam you know that would never work! She would find another way to kill me!" "How about we start with that and figure something else out later?" "Fine, but I'm still not leaving your side." he nodded his head and with that we both fell into a peaceful sleep. *********************************************** It only took me about another week for me to heal completely. I felt like I was actually able to do things on my own now and not have to have everyone do everything for me. Today Lily and I are going to the mall to get cute dresses and then to the salon to get our hair done because the boys thought it would be nice to take us to a club to celebrate my healing. I really wasn't looking forward to it, but If it make everyone else happy, then I'm happy. "Do you want to buy the dresses first or get your hair done?" Lily asks me turning on her car. "Let's get our dresses first that way we know how to do our hair" "Alright, then the mall it is!" The mall is only about a 15 minute drive so it didn't take us very long to get there. Once we got our dresses we decided to walk around for a little while. "Lily do you wanna head to the salon? It's starting to get a little late." I ask "Yeah I have a really good idea for my hair!" Lily jumped il and down. "is that right?" I giggled "you know it!" Lily looked past me and her eyes got wide. "Oh crap! Don't look now but it's the wicked bitch of the west!" "what are you talking about?" I ask as I turn around. My stomach drops as I see who Lily was talking about. It was her. The girl with the brown eyes    and the curly hair.........Danielle. "You got the restraining order, right?"Lily asks "N-no I haven't had a chance to." Danielle started to get closer. By now I'm pretty sure she spotted us."what should we do?" I ask Lily. "um how about w-" she got cut off my an evil laugh. "who do we have here?" Even her voice was terrifying!  Lily spoke up, "What do you want Danielle?" "I think you both know what I want." Danielle glared. "Becca,why haven't you broke up with Liam yet!" "Because you can't tell me what to Danielle. You might act scary, but I know all it is, is jealousy! Just admit it Danielle your just sad that Liam chose me over you!" I spat. Danielle got up in my face, "No you listen, bitch! I have nothing to me jealous of. He would still be with me if I hadn't of broken up with him! I can get him to be mine again but first, I need to get rid of you. I'll give you three days to break up with him, if you don't, I won't just come after you, but your little family too!" She smirked and walked away "three days!" she yelled putting up three fingers. "Becca I don't think she really will go after your family or even you! She's all talk!" Lily could tell I was freaked out. "I don't want to take any chances Lily! She's talking about my family! That's not ok!" I sniffed Lily sighed,"Well how about this, we enjoy tonight and tomorrow you can talk to Liam about it ok?" "Fine, let's go to the salon I really need to get everything off my mind." I can't lose Liam. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me. But I also can't lose my family. What am I suppose to do? Right now all I'm going to worry about is having the time of my life tonight.By the time we walked out of the salon, mine and Lily's hair was beautiful. my hair was in curls that cascaded down my back. And Lily has a braid in the front.  Lilys dress was short and grey. My dress was silver on the top and pink on the bottom I was ready to partay! Liam's POV "I'm really starting to get stressed out about this whole thing with Danielle! I never thought she was capable of doing something like this!" I complained to Niall. "well all you can do is keep her as far away from the two of you as possible. I don't know what else to say man, I'm sorry." Niall tried helping but pretty much failed. We were sitting on the couch playing Pokemon our favorite game. "Thanks for trying to help but it's not really helping me out at all." I explained "sorry I tried." He looked concerned. "How about we change the subject? Are you excited to see Becca looking all cute in a dress?" Niall wiggled his eyebrows. "It sounds like you have a little crush on MY girlfriend." I teased him. "W-what? No I don't! All I said was that she looks cute in a dress." Niall realized he was blushing and tried to his face thinking I didn't see him. I laughed. " it's alright I don't care as long as you don't try anything with her!" "I wouldn't do that to you And you know it. Your like my brother." "I'm just messing with you bro. Now we need to find you a date to the party." I told him. "Nahh it's cool I'm alright without a date don't worry about me." Niall said. "It's starting to get dark. We should get going and pick up the girls. Harry! Louis! It's time to go!" I shouted. We all walked out the door to pick up two beautiful girls...…

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